Where did Love Go?

I am the milkman’s daughter.  For some that’s a title that cannot be publicly owned.  It rushes around the room in hushed whispers, but I can proclaim it from rooftops, because I have abnormally high calcium levels as proof.  For much of my childhood, my father worked for a dairy delivering milk all over New York City and beyond.

What you may not realize is that a milkman’s life is filled with scuffles over roach infested milk-crates, skirmishes over money shortages, and outright fights born of road-rage.  In a voice thick with a mixture of Ricky Ricardo and the Bronx Bombers, my father would exclaim over dinner, “I made him change his tune quick!”

It was a favorite saying that I am adopting as of today.

FringeMan left this morning before the sun shook off last night’s sleepiness; however, FringeMan managed to greet me with the following status update on his facebook page.

February 14th, 2010 – the greatest day of LOVE: Do ya know why? It’s because of the Daytona 500!!!!! I LOVE IT!!! And do ya know what February 12th is? It is another LOVE DAY! Because the new SWAMP LOGGERS is on!! WOO HOO! My wife cannot wait!

His flaunted teasing increases significantly when I tell you that February 12th is MY BIRTHDAY!

Let this be known by the world:

As God as my witness, I will not spend my birthday in a swamp.

Not this year.

FringeMan, are you listening?


18 thoughts on “Where did Love Go?

  1. robinaltman

    That’s just plain funny. I heart FringeMan. I tease Adam about our anniversary all the time. I pretend I forgot it, and say things like, “Tonight is going to be awesome! I have a chiropracter appointment!”

  2. jennifer

    Be sure to hold your ground on the “No swamp on my birthday” thing. The only mud you should see should be at the spa 🙂

    As far as Feb 14th? That sounds good to me. I am never very excited about Valentine’s Day.

  3. David

    I have the utmost confidence that FringeMan would have been singing a romantic tune on the 12th and 14th anyway. We know you LOVE his sense of humor! Funny stuff! Thanks for the laugh!

  4. Debbie York

    I’m sure you’re just pickled tink at the idea of having two options…the roar of the crowd or the roar of the ‘gators!
    I have to wonder how that tune will sound coming out of his rump between his shoulders. (Can I say that?)


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