Sold by the Merchant of Fringe

Last week on the schoolbus, FringeBoy sold three Oreo cookies for five bucks.

When I questioned the ethics of selling three cookies at the price of two entire bags, he responded with “What?  I’m a merchant.”

I wonder how much he can get for a cupcake?

I may go into business with my son, the merchant.


17 thoughts on “Sold by the Merchant of Fringe

  1. Debbie York

    For some reason I keep hearing the “Carnival of Venice” and “Hail To The Chief” playing in my head. You know…Ross Perot started out breaking horses. I’m just saying….

  2. this blessed nest

    i think i need his bus number. i can whip up a batch of something something rather quick…and mama needs a new pair of shoes!

    thanks for the sweet words about breastfeeding the twins. i appreciate it so!

  3. Mindy

    Overhead might kill him. Ok. What overhead? He might be on to something. But, yes. As Jill said, take your cut. He’s good. That boy of yours! ~Mindy

  4. rebecca d

    The “junk food” black market in the new “healthy” schools… love it… take oreos out of the vending machine and the principals of supply and demand take over… I say, hop on that band wagon…


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