Olympian Dashes World-Wide Dreams

Moore dashes the hopes and dreams of pregnant women world-wide.  I’m not sure she realizes how high she has raised the bar for women using their baby bloated bellies as a reason for laziness.  I just know that it’s a sad day when you can no longer use morning sickness as an excuse not to workout.

I fear this will change the human perception of pregnancy forever.  Think of the implications.  No longer will you be able talk complete strangers into fetching you a glass of water.  You’ll never get that parking spot close to the entrance of the grocery store, and no bag boy with a heart will ever again offer to push your eighty pound grocery cart to your car.

I’m just glad I had my children back in the day when my coworkers and friends would bring me snacks!

Are you watching the Olympics?


10 thoughts on “Olympian Dashes World-Wide Dreams

  1. Morgan

    Look at that belly! Even though I’m not Canadian curling MUST be the coolest sport based solely off of the 5 1/2 month pregnant Moore and her pierced eye brow (is that back in? argh.)

  2. Debbie York

    Who does that? Why would she want to throw the rest of us under the bus?
    As far as watching…sadly no, not this year. Somehow it’s just not the same…too much celebrity and not enough “Agony of defeat”.

  3. robinaltman

    We tried to watch men’s figure skating last night, but something is wrong with our cable, and it kept pixelating. Adam called Comcast and went psychotic. They sent over an ambulance.

    This woman is making us all look bad. Doesn’t she think about others? It’s probably all, “Me, me, me, worked for years, gold, me, me, me.” Sheesh.

  4. Patti Lacy

    I didn’t vote b/c I didn’t fit any of the criteria! Haven’t watched a single minute, though I have a TV and like sports OK. Just have been swamped.

    Thanks for the cool post! I know pregnant women who continue to swim, run, even horseback ride (???!!)



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