Kids on Vacation = Brainless Posts

I wish ‘winter break’ came in sunny June when there is something to do other than paint my white floors with dirty, slushy snow.  I feel the need to spare you from a colossal mistake called white wood floors.  Unless you live in the pages of the latest issue of Scandinavian Home, have a full-time housekeeper, and are willing to sell your children on Ebay, do not and I repeat, DO NOT paint your floors white.  Common sense, I know, but I lack sense on Monday’s, Wednesday’s, and Friday’s.  Unfortunately I painted the floors on a Friday.

Today is Thursday and should be filled with sense; however, my kids are on school break and want to know what we are going to do today.  They also want to know if I’d like to play Monopoly again, if they can use my computer for video games, and if I’m done with this post yet.  A certain blue-eyed boy hanging on my neck is the reason I have failed to type one descent post this week.  Forgive him.  He will be back to school on Monday when I will join the angelic Hallelujah Chorus.

We’ve been ice-skating.

In an effort to blend, FringeBoy wore head to toe camouflage.

Living in my town is like finding a hidden bag of M&M’s after the children are sleeping.  It makes me happy.  We enjoy ‘skate parties’ in the park, FREE of charge.  The town provides a tote of skates to borrow and people bring snacks to share.  I bake cupcakes, because kids like cake mix; however, one lovely woman brings hot food in a crock-pot.  I’m talking enough chilli and ziti to warm your tummy when it’s fourteen degrees.  She’s my new best friend.  I even squished my size 8 feet into a pair of size 6 skates and hit the ice.  I couldn’t resist, but after only two times around, blood ceased flowing to my feet and my shins were on fire.  Maybe it is the result of small skates, but maybe it is because I haven’t been on the ice in eleven years.  Doesn’t matter.

It’s been a big week for the figure skater turned hunter.  He went to the eye doctor’s for the first time.  The second he hugged a tree thinking it was me, I knew he needed glasses.  No were not tree huggers in this family, we’re slug sympathizers.

Slug sympathizers with new glasses.

Have a great day!  I’m off to attach a Crest White Strip to my teeth.


10 thoughts on “Kids on Vacation = Brainless Posts

  1. David

    My teeth are that color too. Even a little darker actually. When Mindy and I have our picture made together, her teeth show mine up considerably in the whiteness department. But my teeth are very strong and healthy. So I think maybe that’s just the price we pay for an extra thick layer of enamel. Yeah, that’s it!

    But this post really wasn’t about teeth, was it? Sorry. OK, onto ice skating… The idea of being able to ice skate outdoors is such a foreign concept to us Texans. But you’ve got the picture to prove it. Amazing, I tell ya! Pass the chili!

    FringeBoy looks good in his glasses.

  2. robinaltman

    He looks so handsome in his new glasses! What a little hunkster!

    I used to love skating when I was a kid, but now I find it really uncomfortable – even in the right size skates. They need to re-invent skating for moms. Perhaps couches sliding around the pond or something.

  3. LJ

    I had no idea what Pictureka was so I looked it up. They have a website with an interactive demo game if you let them use a computer.

  4. Jill

    Great pictures! And FringeBoy looks really good in glasses. I think he needs white camouflage though. Then he’d blend in on the ice and on your floors.

  5. Debra

    I was wondering how your floors were holding up. You always make me laugh. You little guy looks cute in the new specs. Glad he doesn’t mistake trees for you anymore!

  6. LJ

    Hey you could give every footed being in your house their own pair of microfiber bottomed slippers AND give both fringekids a swiffer type mop and have them do races around the house. That is my brightest advice for the day.

  7. LJ

    miss ya! I only have to smile at the commentary on the white floors. No “I told you so” from me.
    Tell your son he is really handsome in glasses.


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