Gentle Introductions & FringeMan Cooks

I’ve spoken of my cooking cycles so often that you are all probably scared to death that I may invite you to dinner.  Unfortunately I was in a cooking funk this weekend.  I even managed to ruin a pot of soup that I merely reheated.  FringeMan had to add a quarter cup of pepper and a pound of parmesan cheese to make his palatable.  You can imagine my panic when I remembered that we invited a young couple to our home for dinner after church on Sunday.


My stomach bunched because when you invite people to dinner they usually come hungry and expect food.  Not good when the only meal I rocked this weekend was a bowl of Captain Crunch.

Over the years I have developed a method of easing new people into our lives.  The FringeFamily can be overwhelming, so we attempt to make the transition into friendship gentle on unsuspecting people.  The first time you come to my home, I clean and cook.  That means I remove all cobwebs, scrub the floors, and use real dishes.  The second time you come for dinner, it’s usually paper plates with pizza, and I may or may not have found time to dust.  After the induction process has ended, you may be cooking with me, taking the dog out for a walk, and don’t expect to eat off of anything that requires washing.  That’s just how it goes.  I expect people to make themselves at home and let’s face it, sometime home is less than pristine.

Because I knew Sunday lunch had to be edible, I snuggled up to FringeMan on Saturday morning and said, “So what are we going to cook for dinner tomorrow?”

“I don’t know.”  He replied with a standard answer, because menu plans are up to me, tomorrow’s lunch is the furthest thing from his mind, and he’s forgotten that I’ve invited people over.

I took a deep breath, planted a big one his lips, crossed my fingers, and subtly suggested he make one of his crock-pot meals.  Thankfully he came through.

FringeMan is king of the crock-pot.  My expertise lies in meals that require six pans and thirty-two ingredients.  FringeMan’s expertise lies in wild game and one pot meals.  He didn’t disappoint.  He made a pot full of sausage, cabbage, small red potatoes and apples.  Let’s just say that we all had seconds and ate much more food than recommended by the portion control nazis.

So thank you for coming through for me FringeMan.  I love you and your crock-pot meals too!

Since he tries his best not to read my blog, I’ll have to send him this link.  I don’t blame him for not wanting to read my words, he listens to them everyday, live.  Sometimes I think he wishes God created me with a mute button.

Did you eat anything special this weekend?

For more on my cooking cycles, click HERE.


14 thoughts on “Gentle Introductions & FringeMan Cooks

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  2. Patti Lacy

    What a fun post! Sigh. We REVEL in mealtime. It started with that grandmother of mine, who used food to celebrate everything and grieve over everything.

    Special food last weekend? Vegetable lasagna, homemade soup with orzo and meatballs. Hungry yet??????

  3. Jenn Calling Home

    A crock pot hubby?! Wow, wonders never cease! 🙂 Oh, I know this is heavy on the carbs and all… but I just bought the most amazing bread to go along with a meal — Rosemary & Olive Oil Artisian Bread, from the bakery at Albertsons. I’m sure it would complement your crock pot meal perfectly!

  4. Mindy

    Good for you! David would be the cook between the two of us, as well. He can work a mean crockpot, grill, oven, stov, and menu! he he he Keep your crockpot Fringeman, for sure. ~Mindy

  5. robinaltman

    Yum! I’m on a “one dish meal” kick around here. It takes the guess work out of everything being done on time. When I cook, Adam likes there to be the requisite parts – vegetable, pasta, meat. He may be a little OCD. I’m hoping this “lump everything in one dish” idea works.

  6. Jill

    I love cooking crockpot meals! I panic when company is coming, too, but I would never dream of asking my husband to cook. His cooking involves lots of frying and grease spatters all over the kitchen, plus, no matter what he’s making, he uses soy sauce and cayenne pepper. I’d rather order pizza.


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