The long awaited & much anticipated…


Be honest, you would have never come over today if I titled this post Crock Pot Recipe.  It sounds so boring, so Monday, but today is Thursday and deserves a touch of excitement.  Today is also a snow day.  Enough said.

I had a few emails and even a phone call requesting this recipe, so today I share.  Actually FringeMan shares, because it’s his culinary masterpiece.

In warning, this recipe makes A LOT of food.  Be sure to invite company or cut it in half.



3 lbs smoke sausage cut into pieces 1-2″ in length

1 Large head cabbage cut into small chunks

2 or 4 Granny Smith apples

3 lbs size A (small) red potatoes halved or sliced

1 cup apple juice

1/2 small white onion

1/2 stick butter

2 Tablespoons Rosemary

Salt & Pepper to taste


Combine ingredients in large crockpot.  Begin by layering sausage, then potatoes & onion, cabbage, and apples. Pour in apple juice and sprinkle your spices over the top. Allow to cook overnight on Low.

Next morning: stir to toss cabbage around so it cooks thoroughly. You can add the butter to the top before replacing the crockpot lid. Stir again about an hour before serving.

Yes, we cook this in the crockpot for a day and a half.  FringeMan usually will only cook for a Sunday meal, so we generally eat in the afternoon around 2pm.  You may need to adjust the cooking time depending on how full you fill your crockpot.

For the story behind the recipe, click HERE.

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15 thoughts on “The long awaited & much anticipated…

  1. LJ

    We [I] made it. I used 5 small white pear onions-not sure how much that made a difference.
    My husband likes it. At first I was not sure- but it is growing on me. If you really like sauerkraut- you will love this and I am not keen on it but it is what it sort of reminds me of but I am not sure why. My 2 yr old daughter went “mmMmmm” and wanted more. So thumbs up.

  2. DJ

    Thanks for sharing!
    Hmmm…what can I do for you in return?
    I’m too far away to babysit…I have no $$…
    Maybe I’ll post a recipe on my blog to return the favor~

  3. Genny

    I’ve never heard of cooking it for a day and a half, but it sounds well worth the wait. I love cooked cabbage; I’m definitely making this one!

    So glad you joined in today! 🙂


  4. robinaltman

    Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you. I’ll get the ingredients when food shopping next week. I think I can actually handle this baby.

  5. Ted Leach

    Nothing wrong with a crock-pot recipe, especially on a snow day. I’d fire something up myself today, except that we’re basically sitting around waiting for the power to go out. Consequently, if we still have power, we’ll need something quick that will fly on a snow day. Hmm…


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