Remembered Surprise

I sat cross-legged on the two foot square patch of floor I called my living room.  The clock ticked away the minutes without my realizing the time.  Putting together these Christmas baskets consumed me.  They were a mixture of hokey holiday crafting and wedding memorabilia.  Unfortunately every member of my family would end up with one these masterpieces and I’d be inspecting to make sure they didn’t trash my gift after the new year.

Just as I put the finishing touches on my last basket, my new husband burst through the door, a package hidden under his coat.  Jumping up to greet him and trying to catch a glimpse of the bag, I leaped the entire length of both the living room and dining room, but he was quicker yet.  I was kissed by a slammed door.

After what seemed like minutes hours of pestering, my husband finally opened the door and silenced me with his lips.  With his breadth still hot on my face, I looked into his eyes and asked, “Is it the snow globe from Saks Fifth Avenue?”

That was the first of many times FringeMan wanted to kill me for ruining his surprises.

I have spent my entire life honing my gift guessing skills and have become quite efficient at the squeeze, shake, and sniff.  FringeMan quickly learned to keep my gifts under lock & key until Christmas morning.  Almost nothing I do can make him angrier than when I guess a gift.

Well, tonight’s light situation came close, but that’s another story…


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9 thoughts on “Remembered Surprise

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  2. robinaltman

    Wow. You’re good. I stink at guessing. You could wrap up a CD, and I’d guess things like, “A Basketball? No? A scarf?”

  3. Sharone

    I am another one of those surprise ruiners! I have learned not to guess out loud, since it seems to really disappoint people. And it can be fun to be on the other side, actually. When we were about to get engaged, I tormented my husband and all our friends and family for days with seemingly innocent questions about the concert at which he had elaborately planned his “surprise” proposal. “I’m not sure I’m going to go to the concert, I’m pretty tired…” that kind of thing. The surprise ended up being as much fun for me as it was for all of them. 🙂

    Cute story. 🙂

  4. rebecca d

    I too have “super powers” for ruining surprises… I insist that my gifts not even come into the house until the last minute and will ground my kiddos for giving hints… (or at least threaten to ground..)

  5. Patti Lacy

    Oh, I LOVE snow globes!!! LOVE THAT one b/c I LOVE The Big Apple. Had never seen it b/f!!!

    Sigh. I am on FringeBoy’s side this time.

    But I love you and your blog.


  6. Sydney

    My sister has that same talent and it can be so infuriating, but I got her this year, she got NUTHIN’! Just kidding. If I buy her a book she even knows which one. I give up.

  7. Jo@Mylestones

    Oh tell FringeMan I understand. That would drive me nuts too. Once I tried to surprise Larry for Christmas with a new puppy. He was out of the country, and over the phone, I told him, “I have a surprise for you this Christmas.” Without skipping a beat, he asked, “Is it a puppy?” Grrrr!


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