Crate Training

Because I have crate trained my dog, whenever I get mad at her, I merely hold out my arm with my finger pointed in the direction of her crate and say, “Go to your box!”

She quickly runs into her box and that’s it.

It finally occurred to me that maybe I should have just crate trained my kids.

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12 thoughts on “Crate Training

  1. robinaltman

    They’re a hoot! Crates for kids. . .sort of a nice idea. It could be padded or something so it’s really humane.

  2. DJ

    Your son has that cross-eyed thing down to an art!
    As for the crate thought…Nah! They can still whine.
    Just send ’em to a grandparent or a camp somewhere. It uses up more energy, then they might sleep for a bit when they come home.


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