A Little Spring and A Lot of Nothing

My weekend began with hopes high on the first sign of Spring – a baby fly; however, Mindy quickly squelched my joy by reminding me that flies are adult maggots with wings.

I killed the fly, but my hope lives on.

The sun has been shining so much that my eyes are actually growing accustomed to light.  My empty vitamin D vat is filling and once it’s warm enough to shed some layers, color may return to my now see-through skin.  The snow is melting and I have never been happier to see small patches of dead grass.  There is life after February.

I am inspired to paint walls, wash windows, and return to a regularly happy post-winter state of mind.  It only took eight months for me to decide what to do with my entryway and staircase, but I’ve been short on cash and low on ambition.  However, my decision is final and baby steps have been taken to turn my ugly hallway into a cheery and welcoming space.  It will look like the hallway in this photo except it will be in my house, so it will never be that neat and the floor will be different.

I wish I knew where this photo came from so I can give proper credit. I think it may have it's origins with Country Living Magazine, but I am not certain.

Friday night I purchased 8 sheets of coordinating scrapbook paper and framed them.  They will hang on my wall above my shelf.  It’s called cheap art.

The last time I scrapbooked was back when I was lactating and people were still using construction paper and scratch and sniff stickers.  There just weren’t many choices.  Now scrapbooking is an art that necessitates four aisles in Michael’s.  You can create a ten-dollar page complete with 3-D stickers and embellishments faster than I can snap a picture.  I’m going to have to win the lottery before I can start scrapbooking again.

But that’s neither here nor there, because I found the bed of my dreams.

I have no idea where this photo came from...I was entraced in joy and just hit save.

This bed makes my heart swell, my eyes drip tears, and my heart flutter.  Seriously, I am in love.  FringeMan likes it too and has agreed to make it for me; however, we must do one thing at a time.  I will wait.

Currently FringeMan is snoring very loudly.  I am downstairs.  He is upstairs in bed with the door shut and I hear him.  He has pneumonia.  Poor dear.  He’ll be ok, because he has horse pills, but he would appreciate a prayer and a warm wish.  Of that I am sure.

What do a writing desk and a raven have in common?

Absolutely nothing and you would know that if you went to see Alice in Wonderland this weekend.

You must see it!  It’s possible that I enjoyed it more than my kids, and I have been known to sleep through entire children’s movies in the theater.  I figure the price of entrance is worth a nap, but not this time.  Alice’s dresses make me want to run around in ruffles and fluff and have tea with the Mad Hatter, a character I fully enjoyed.  I will tell you no more.  Go, follow the rabbit, buy your popcorn and enjoy.

The grand finale to a nearly perfect weekend was puddle-jumping with FringeKid.  We walked clear across town and back and she never ran out of words. Not for a moment!  I’d like to tell you that I heard a bird chip, a child laugh, or a train roar by in the distance, but I did not.  I heard my eight year-old chatter in my ear non-stop.  She never even took in air.  It was amazing and scary and lovely.

Tell me about your weekend please.

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18 thoughts on “A Little Spring and A Lot of Nothing

  1. Stonefox

    My weekend was full of dirty diapers, same as last 🙂 How are you doing over there, Fringe Girl? Can’t get around the blogosphere much these days…

  2. Marytoo

    My weekend was spent with the sore throat from hell and no voice, and I’m wondering if I might have rather had your weekend. Not quite sure, though…I once had 8yo’s and though the last one was 13 years ago, I remember quite vividly how fervently I wished for just a moment of silence…

  3. tracey

    Shoot. I WANT to see the movie, but I have to wait till it’s at the $2 theater. Just a little longer…

    Baby maggots with wings. Fabulous. Glad you killed the aberration of nature. Maggots are just… wrong.

  4. Janna Qualman

    Your fly to my moth. And we saw frisky squirrels this morning!

    I love your framing-of-the-scrapbook-paper idea. You must post pictures once you have ’em done! I got some coordinating/contrasting paper to use to spell the word WRITE and hang in my space, but I haven’t figured the best way to do it yet.

  5. hibby

    Sweet mercy, that bed!!! I am in full-on swoon mode here.

    This weekend – in the process of getting better….after falling ill YET again! Yeah, so not cool.

  6. Debra

    Sounds like a great weekend! Let’s see, I saw patches of mud in my yard where the snow is finally melting, helped hubby with the sub floor of the craft room (yes, it’s still there), went to church, napped all Sunday afternoon, we watched two movies in a row and then dozed thru academy awards going to bed before the end. Lots of fun going on here!

  7. Patti Lacy

    FringeGirl, I can always count on your for inspiration and a laugh AND great visuals (WHAT a bedroom)!!!

    My weekend? Great escape from the midlife crisis with my WIP.
    Watched two Oscar nominees. Read a novel for the reading group tonight as I cast my eyes occasionally on the Academy Awards. Coffee with a soulmate. Fun just cooking and hanging with hubby.

    Thanks for your place here.

  8. Ferree

    I worked Sat, went out to dinner afterwards (it was like a real date!), watched the movie “The Invention of Lying,” on DVD–wish I’d seen Alice in Wonderland instead. Church on Sunday morn, work on Sunday afternoon, Bible study group Sunday night, collapsed on couch afterwards and watched DVD of a Canadian sitcom “Corner Gas,” which was so fresh and cute funny I think they should get you to write for it! Goal for the week: see Alice!

  9. Amber

    Sassy went to see that this weekend with her aunt and cousins. I’m like you I never really like kids movies and as soon as Sassy puts a dvd on I’m coma-tized on the couch. 😉 Oh and p.s. I have signs of spring over here, a whole yard full of little purple crocuses. 😀

  10. caprik

    Shooting up prayers for Fringe Man.
    We spent almost the entire weekend SLOTHFULLY watching season 1 of Friday Night Lights. I am torn. So much good, SO much bad!

  11. Sydney

    I spent Sunday afternoon going over old photos for an upcoming family reunion, crying over some (of those who have passed on) and laughing over others (how goofy we all looked way back when). Nostalgia – gotta love it!

  12. Jenn

    Enjoyed the LOVELY weather. Prayed for FringeMan to feel better. Hoped the phones are working well for you. Made a stew, cleaned, let fresh air in, fixed garage doors and mailbox(actually, my Honey did the fixing, I was official helper). Fell asleep early earlier, not feeling so well.

  13. robinaltman

    Sounds like a great weekend! I spent the weekend writing a speech I’m supposed to give Wednesday night at a banquet honoring someone I don’t know – the vice president of a company I’ve never heard of. It’s been hanging over my head like an anvil, but I did it and….I’m free!!! Yippee! Yay!

  14. DJ

    Hey, can your hubby make me a bed like that, too? 🙂 Or maybe a couch…yeh, I need a couch more right now…I like red.
    Have his people call my people and we’ll do lunch…we have to meet somewhere, cause there’s no place to sit at my house, cause I need a couch! See?


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