Wild Dogs, The Nile River, & Other Oddities

*  My son mastered Hark The Herald Angels Sing on his kazoo at 7am.

*  My daughter says we live near the Nile River.  Let’s just hope I don’t find a baby in the bulrushes.

*  Either I am getting old or walking too much, because suddenly comfort trumps cute.  I need a hybrid of a sandal and a sneaker, good for walking miles.  Any suggestions?

*  Very squirrely colorless hairs are taking over my head.

*  Speaking of gray hair, my mother’s birthday is on Wednesday and I will be revealing her new hair color and pictures from an impromptu photo shoot this weekend.  Brace yourself mom!

*  My mother and I sat through How To Train Your Dragon without eating pop-corn.  I feel like we should get a medal of willpower.

*  My dog definitely has ADHD.  She also knows how to open the back door.  My neighbors may band together and kick me out of the neighborhood.


In other news…find out how many women are letting it all hang out.  Click HERE.

If you would like an Easter cake recipe complete with grass and peeps, click HERE.

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18 thoughts on “Wild Dogs, The Nile River, & Other Oddities

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  2. Mary

    I loved the movie How to Train a Dragon…maybe because I took my grandson and that was his first movie theater experience!

  3. caprik

    I’ll take the wild hairs on my head over the ones on my FACE anyday!!!

    Abby saw that movie this weekend too. She said it was surprisingly good. She most likely had popcorn.

  4. Deborah

    I am so glad I found your blog! It’s a sweet treat that leaves me with a smile and has zero calories! Your dog looks like Disney’s cartoon dog, Bolt. I say skip the comfortable shoes and invest in a segway.

    – Deborah

  5. Cathy

    Girl you are flat cracking me up. Love the picture of your dog! I agree with Rebekah…wait until the hairs start showing up on your chin and neck. Man, getting old is surely not a lot of fun!!!

  6. Jill

    Great dog pic! Cracked me right up. I don’t have any suggestions for walking shoes. Do you have a suggestion for motivating me to start walking?

  7. mrs mediocrity

    I am still laughing out loud at that puppy pic! Great post, way to make us smile on Monday morning!
    Also, last year I got a pair of J-41 shoes that are exactly that kind of hybrid, very comfortable!


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