Blue Freckled Walls

Either you guys learned to read on decorating magazines or I do not watch nearly enough HGTV.  I asked for living room advice and you gave it to me.  I appreciate all the good ideas, emails, and in-depth comments.  I am only sorry that I have not been able to respond to each one of you who took the time to email me with options and links.  I am working my way through all the suggestions and deciding what will work for my family, room, and budget.  Just so you understand, my budget consists of a can of spray paint.

Don’t expect too much from me.

Your suggestions did make me think outside of my little shoe-box sized imagination and I can tell you FringeMan is quaking in horror.  I moved the furniture in my living room no less than five times and have become quite efficient at single-handedly dragging a futon across the room.  FringeMan dislikes all of my decorating ideas and automatically tries to talk me out of them.  He claims it is his duty to save me from myself; however, in the end, he comes around and usually winds up liking my creations or concoctions…depends how you look at it.  His only requirement is NO GREEN PAINT.  I failed three times and have five gallons of a horrible shade of mint as a reminder.

It’s free if you’d like it, but it may make you crave mint chocolate chip ice-cream.  In fact it looks a little like the color of this icing…trust me it tastes better than it looks.  I haven’t mastered mixing my own colors.

I recently learned something about myself that I’d like to share with you.

I can appreciate the finest of furniture and home decor, but having something that looks ‘perfect’ is just not me.  I want to love what I have and have what I love.  It doesn’t necessarily need to be in style, look like it came out of a magazine, or ever be featured on a decorating blog, it just needs to be practical for my family and loved by me.  I don’t look like I was dressed by Anthropologie and my house will never look like it was moved off an Ethan Allen showroom floor.  It’s just not me or my wallet.

I am ok with people coming to my house and shaking their heads in disapproval, as long as they are comfortable enough to prop up their feet and have a second cup-cake.

I also welcome guests with paintbrushes…just saying.

Right now I am hoping that blue speckled walls are in style for Spring.  Rubber bands make great designs on eggs, but when they snap off the egg while it is in a cup of dye, it sends blue speckles flying.  It’s like my room is covered in blue freckles.

I also want to clear up any confusion I may have caused over white floors.  I know I complain about mine often, but white is not always bad on the floor.  Granted the first floor of my house is a muddy nightmare, but my bedroom also has white plank floors and I love them.  They stay relatively clean and don’t require much maintenance.  It helps that every kid in the neighborhood isn’t running in and out and the dog is banned from my bedroom.  So if you’d like to do white floors in a low traffic area, I think it’s a great idea.

On that note, go paint something!

I am.

If you missed my living room post and need to know how not to arrange furniture, click HERE.

Thanks again for all the wonderful comments and suggestions!


12 thoughts on “Blue Freckled Walls

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  2. jeanne

    Sounds like you got tons of good advice. I love your white painted floors..even if they are hard to keep clean. Love the idea of the rubber bands on the eggs..very fun!m

  3. Jill

    Great looking Easter eggs. And I’ve always thought you have a very unique and individually “you” sense of style from what pictures I’ve seen. I think that’s great. For years I didn’t have a personality at all, and it showed in my decorating. You’ve got a great eye for what will look good.

  4. sharron

    Blue Speckled walls…you may be on to something new!!
    .. I too have to work with what I have…mostly thrifted,roadside rescued and just odds and ends of little collections and things I love. I am sure many would be turned off by my chippy furniture and decor but yes my dogs and kids love it and have free reign.
    It is a Home not just a house!
    I wanna see those bottles on your mantle!!

  5. Patti Lacy

    WOW! Your kids (I assume) are gorgeous! As are the eggs. Really.

    Some folks had suggestions to change that decor?? Wow. I thought it was perfect.


  6. Mama Belle

    OK, your eggs are the bomb! Our eggs came out so bad that I didn’t take pictures. One of the colors turned out brown. Brown Easter eggs … not pretty. They’re in tuna salad today.


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