M&M Topped Salads

If my food decisions were left to my taste buds, every meal would include cheese and there would be very few vegetables on my plate; however, in an effort to teach my children good eating habits, I have been attempting to dedicate one night a week to eating a salad for dinner.  A bowl of lettuce is not any more attractive to me than it is to my children, but I offer options to make the greens filling and exciting.  We always have raw almonds, sunflower seeds, and cheese that they can add.  In addition there’s usually some olives, fruit, and even leftover meat they can sprinkle on top.  Last night was full of options because we had ham and hardboiled eggs.  In the end it’s probably not even a healthy meal, but I try.

This is an actual conversation that took place last night while eating our salad.

FringeBoy plucked a plastic egg filled with M&M’s off the table and asked, “What do you think tastes better, a banana or M&M’s?”

My heart screamed M&M’s, but my brain reminded me that I was eating salad and required each of my children to eat half a banana alongside their breakfast this morning.  It was a struggle of mind and soul that left me feeling like the girl from Willy Wonka that turned into a giant blueberry after she insisted on eating the three-course meal gum.

My parental mind won and I said, “Oh a banana tastes good and it’s good for you.”

Unfortunately my son never accepts my first answer to any of his questions.  He is one of those children who must push you to question every decision you’ve ever made in life, including the decision to procreate.  So he upped the ante.

“If you were going to die and this was your last meal, would you eat a banana or M&M’s?”

Truth be told everyone knows that if it were my last meal, I would probably eat a pepperoni pizza with M&M’s on top.  Healthy choices mean little in the face of death.

Knowing that I couldn’t cave, I said with a confident tone, “Banana.”

The heavens parted and angels shouted in chorus, “Liar, LIAR, L-I-A-R!”

Hearing the angels, my son looked at me is disbelief and said, “So you’re gonna be in heaven saying, I should have just eaten the M&M’s.  That’s really dumb.”

He’s right.  I think I’ll just eat M&M’s on my salad next week.

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23 thoughts on “M&M Topped Salads

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  2. Patti Lacy

    Wow, you are gorgeous, and your son is too cute for words. So fun to put a face to your great writing, and no, it doesn’t have M&M written on it!!! LOLOLOLOL

  3. robinaltman

    You two are so cute! But what a stinky lie! Only a person with no nose or tongue would choose a banana over M&Ms!

  4. Debbie York

    I see nothing wrong with a M&M bedazzled banana myself. Suppertime at your house must be a hoot. What great memories you are making.
    P.S. Y’all are both so darn cute! Speaking of M&M’s…picked mine up at the P.O. yesterday and as a matter of fact…they go with everything! Thank you so much.

  5. Cathy

    I love the picture of you too. He looks so handsome in his glasses.

    I’d be eating the M&M’s too. Maybe the lettuce will counteract the calories in the M&M’s.

  6. David

    Oh, this is hilarious! If I haven’t said it lately, you are a very talented writer, FringeGirl!

    I do love a good salad and most of the toppings you mentioned, including M&Ms! Maybe this will make everyone happy… go to Walmart and buy a bag of Ann’s House Chocolate Nut Antioxidant. It should be in the nut area. It’s got almonds, craisins, raisins and dark chocolate. It’s supposed to be good for you. Loaded with antioxidants to destroy those cell-killing free radicals. (Whatever those are.) And did I mention it has dark chocolate? Uh huh!

  7. sharron

    uh did somebody say M&M’s??
    love that story and that photo of you two!!
    you look just alike!!
    where did you get that fabulous skin???


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