What do aqua paint, the IRS, and bananas have in common?

I feel like I was rundown by a semi-truck carrying gallons of ready mixed paint colors.

I look like a frizzy headed Easter chick whose painted eggs got cracked all over my fluff.

I smell like…

On second thought, use your imagination.

It’s been a life packed few days on the fringe and just so you know, I’ve been eating my share of the bananas.  One banana must be good for about seventy-five M&M’s.  Wouldn’t you think?

Although I really didn’t intend to jump right into a food conversation, it seems chocolate is on my brain and I have a huge confession.  All of my healthy life choices got the kibosh tonight.  I ate a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia for dinner.

There is no excuse.

Understand I chose the Yogurt Cherry Garcia which had half the calories and only a small fraction of the fat, so I feel slightly justified in my decision.

Yes, mom, I fed the kids real food for dinner.

Did you hear about the proposed tax on soda and other beverages containing sugar?  It’s the governments way of strong-arming us into making good food choices.  I think they should just tax fruit and veggies, push us all into an early demise, and then euthanize us young.  It will save scads of money on health care.

No I did not drink soda with my ice-cream frozen yogurt.

I can’t speak anymore about taxes.  I have serious issues with both our government and the IRS.  The IRS owes us money; however, we were notified that our tax return would be delayed due to the new health care laws.  WHAT?

Don’t they realize I need that money to buy Diet Coke?

Do you think sugar substitutes will be taxed as heavily as sugar?

Folks the questions never end.

On to brighter topics…

I’ve been painting and I am in love.  Watch out FringeMan, because Benjamin has Moore to offer…like aqua blue high gloss and regal red.  I can’t tell you anymore, because I am not done; however, I assure you it will be magnificent.  You’ll be so surprised, overwhelmed, and possibly nauseated.  I can’t wait to take pictures, but today was not that day.  There’s a ladder in the middle of my living room, a hole in the wall, and half painted stuff everywhere.  The dog is camouflage, but will only blend in with a band of gypsies.

FringeMan stole the show, possibly even from Benjamin Moore, when he brought home not one, but three fabulous old light fixtures.  He rewired an old farmhouse and replaced all the lighting fixtures.  Usually these fixtures go to the garbage, but I nearly died when he told me that he’s thrown out hundreds of the lights I love.  He now knows that all old lights must come home for inspection before going to junk heaven.  I am pleased to say that I have new lights for my living room, hallway (which is currently half done), and my daughter’s room.

Th-th-tha-tha-that’s all folks!

As long as the rain holds off, I’ll be painting the town red tomorrow or aqua…depends.

What have you been up to?

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16 thoughts on “What do aqua paint, the IRS, and bananas have in common?

  1. rosie

    Can’t wait to see your aqua and red lovelies-I am totally partial to that color scheme especially since it’s my living room colors. So, hurry up and finish painting. 🙂

  2. Suzanne

    I am outraged!! Now, I’m not a soda drinker myself, just the occasional chocolate binge, but that does not make sense! They don’t listen to us anyway. Just assume they know what is best for us and then do it.
    BTW: Happy painting. I’m painting, too. But just white, no fun colors, so that our house will look great and someone will want to buy it.

  3. hibby

    My heart is a-flutter…..I will be in a swoon holding position until I see an “After” picture of your aqua and red….

    Seriously? Those colours are my decorating happy place right now. (Are they trendy? Is that why I like them? Or do I like them and trends are just now catching up? Or are they not trendy at all and they just make me feel warm and fuzzy? You’re right; the questions just don’t end.)

  4. sharron

    you make me laugh..out loud!!!
    i cannot wait to see the paint colors… and free farm house lights….wow!!!
    I think the gov’t should tax something else!!
    REAL sugar is so much better for us than any of that artificial stuff!!!
    i am mad that my son’s hign school only offers diet sodas full of that junk!!
    he drinks water so i have no right to complain..just saying!!
    Oh and i sometimes have a pint of chocolate ice cream full o’ fat fer dinner!!

  5. David

    I love what you did with the photo!

    Hmmmm… wonder how much the taxes would be on a Yogart Cherry Garcia banana split with M&Ms sprinkled on top.

  6. Charming's Mama

    Love Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food. Love , love, love it!

    I don’t think putting a tax on sugar will make anyone not want it any more than taxing cigarettes has made any one stop smoking. It’s just a way to fleece the public more. (Oops didn’t mean to say that out loud.) And we voted for the idiots. . . hmm maybe that makes us the idiots.

  7. Debbie York

    I’m surprised there isn’t a tax on the air we breathe…think of the money to be made there! Oh wait…The PTB are full of hot air and would be paying the bulk of the taxes!
    I love that you are going head on with your signature colors! How about slipping me a sneak peek? I won’t tell!

  8. Jill

    Looking forward to seeing the results. And if you’re eating that many bananas, that should counteract the ice cream dinner.

    Taxing coke?!?!?!?!?! Say it isn’t so! They’re supposed to tax other people’s vices–not mine!

  9. Mindy

    I just love the idea that the man is bringing old light fixtures home to you! Yee haw! Can’t wait to see them and the colors you have going on. ~Mindy


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