Link Love & Top Posts

This weekend, I thought I would spread some linky love by listing what I thought were the top posts from your blogs.  These were posts that I particularly enjoyed from this week.  Keep in mind, it’s not an exhaustive list, because I love visiting your sites and reading all about your fun and exciting lives.  Although I love you all, I can’t link to you all.  It would take me all day and I love my family more.

So have fun reading these posts and enjoy your weekend!

1. Student of Life

David was inspired by my story of snot and posted a funny video.  Go listen and laugh!

2.  Portugal Bound

Nina stepped on every one of my toes with this post, but if you have kids, you should read it.  Our words matter.

3.  Sanctuary Art At Home

You should see this chair.  Talk about having amazing talent!

4.  Clover Lane

You can feel the terror in this mother’s heart.  It could happen to any of us.

5.  Broken Poet

This is a girl after my own heart.  Please pass the tissues!

Finally, Electrify My Bed was my top rated post over the last two weeks with 5 of you giving me a 5 star rating.  If you never rate my posts, please do.  It helps me to know what you enjoy.  Thanks!

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4 thoughts on “Link Love & Top Posts

  1. nina in portugal

    Thanks for the link Tricia~!

    Oh…Electrify my Bed was a great post….I guess all your readers minds stay in the gutter….ahem….not mine though….no sir-eeeee.


    Have a great week my friend!

  2. Charming's Mama

    Laughing at David’s post. It reminded me of what one of my friends used to say when someone came to the door. “Come in if your nose is clean, if it’s not slide under the door.”


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