The Good, The Bad, and The Amish

What a weekend!

For me Mother’s Day began with Boston Creme donuts from FringeMan and love notes from my children.  I am here to tell you that there’s nothing better than a hand written note from your young child.  You just cannot beat their honesty, their attempts at poetry, and their spelling errors.

From FringeKid - My 2nd Grader

How could I ask for anything more than poetic opposites with a dose of Porky Pig?

I couldn’t ask for more, but FringeBoy knows his mama well and gifted me a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.  We went to church and then FringeMan made me a lovely lunch of Panini’s and salt & pepper kettle cooked chips.  It was better than a trip to Panera Bread, because it was made with love.  I only wish our moms could have joined us, because I have the best family in the world.

That’s the good.

Snow blew in sideways with forty mile an hour gusts all morning long.

Yes, on Mother’s Day.

My washing machine also broke and my hot water heater is two gallons away from death.

We rarely visit our basement, because it is scary and empty except for pipes and the hot water heater; however, there has been an obnoxious odor wafting through our home at regular intervals.  We had no idea where this toxic smell was coming from and to be honest, we only smelled it in intermittent waves.  You see, none of us can really smell.  We are each taking our own cocktail of nasal sprays, allergy pills, and inhalers.

A serial killer could have hidden a body in our attic while we were grocery shopping and we’d think a vanilla scented candle would cover the odor.  Now sometimes the lack of olfactory senses comes in handy, but I begin to worry when guests are coming.  Does our house smell like the dog?  Or worse, my feet??

Anyway, FringeMan set off on a mission to find the smell and successfully found a dead mouse in the basement.  Unfortunately he also found that our hot water heater is leaking quite efficiently.  He hoped this leak was new, but then a rather large leopard frog jumped from the puddle and he instantly knew our days of hot showers are numbered.

That’s the bad.

Aside from our dorkiness, the dogs waving tail, and the fact that we can’t agree on Spring or Winter, I almost look Amish in this picture.

Mother’s day is not the occasion for black and gray, but that snow was cold.

I’m the Amish.

If you need me this week, I’ll be down by the riverside scrubbing my clothes on a rock.  I’m also looking forward to some intimate moments with FringeMan…you know the moments where he is throwing buckets of boiled water over me while I’m turning to ice in our heatless shower.

How was your Mother’s Day?

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19 thoughts on “The Good, The Bad, and The Amish

  1. Sara

    That’s a poem for the ages! 🙂 And, I don’t think you look Amish at all. Your hair is down and you’re showing your ankles! Thanks for your wonderful blog. It always brightens my day!!

  2. caprik

    “I’m also looking forward to some intimate moments with FringeMan…you know the moments where he is throwing buckets of boiled water over me while I’m turning to ice in our heatless shower.”

    Yeah, the nose of a hound dog is not such a good think either! A common thread of conversation around here is; Me: What’s that smell? Honey with the deaf nose: I don’t smell anything. Me: That’s awful! Honey: What does it smell like? Me: I don’t know that smell!!! Smells like DEATH!

    Happy Fringy Mother’s Day!!

  3. Jenn Calling Home

    Must be something in the water… our hot water heater went recently too, discovered when I noticed a big puddle of water in the basement. And we’re also greeted by a strange smell at times as we descend the stairs to the basement. Haven’t found the culprit yet, but then, don’t think anyone’s looking either.

  4. Charming's Mama

    Now’s your chance to get one of those fancy energy efficient tankless water heaters. Woo hoo. Just trying to look on the possitive side.

    My smeller works too well. Sometimes I wish it didn’t. I can tell the instant my little one has filled his drawers.

  5. Jenn

    I have a solution!! Just have FringeMan hook the garden hose over the bathtub….Oh sorry, Maine flashback!!! 😉 Glad you had such a beautiful Mother’s Day!!

  6. Mom

    Okay, your daughter inherited you inability to spell!! Just as long as you are forever in her “hert. To “heven” to hell, west and “soth” and north! That encompasses quite a territory!!!

  7. robinaltman

    I think you look adorable and not Amishy at all. Not that the Amish aren’t adorable. Who else could rock a shower cap during the day?

    The note is a hoot. I love your kids. Mother’s Day sounds like it was a success!

  8. Jill

    You can’t look Amish if you’re wearing jewelry. That is a great picture of you and the kids. And I’m so glad the dead body in your basement was a mouse’s. Hope your hot water problems are solved quickly as you are apparently still in the throes of winter!

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  10. Laura

    I’m glad you had a great, & somewhat Amish mother’s day (I don’t think they’d rock the long pearl necklace as well as you). Your children are adorable.
    You all seem like great “pearson[s]”

  11. Debra

    You and your gang are so funny! I laughed out loud at FringeKid’s note. Hope your hot water blues are fixed soon. p.s. We can’t smell anything around here either and it IS a worry. 🙂


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