Spray Paint Magic

On this Monday morning, I feel the need to impart great wisdom.

Never spray paint while wearing new glasses.

That was my great nugget of wisdom.

I know, I’m deep on Mondays, but this is good advice.  I generally reserve my old pair of glasses for spray painting, because without them, I risk leaving unpainted splotches or worse, hitting my neighbors new blue truck with a burst of Regal Red.

Unless I want enemies, I need to wear my glasses, but the other day, I was so excited to begin spraying that I forgot to grab my old glasses.  The result – brown glasses speckled in gold and jade.  Not a bad combination really, just unexpected.

So here are my before and after’s…

First there is my ugly brass lamp that I rescued from the trash.

Before - Ugly Brass Lamp

After a couple of coats of Krylon spray paint in Jade…

After Jade Spray Paint

I also took that little wooden chair out of my daughter’s room and sprayed it red.  The photo collage is actually two frames from Wal-Mart put together.  I love the lamp and I don’t regret painting it one little bit.  FringeMan’s exact words were “I’ve never seen a lamp in that color.”

He needs time for my ideas to grow on him, but he always comes around.

I also painted a large ‘G’ in Jade.

Here is this space in my living room before…


and after…

There’s more.  Are sick of me showing you all these little details yet?

I thought so.

Unfortunately for you, I am going to continue.  It’s because I love you.

Here’s the before on my Tweety-Bird cage. (also a trash treasure)

Grab your sunglasses, because here’s the after!

It needs more paint, but I ran out.  I think metal is much more difficult to paint than wood.  Anyway, I left the bird-cage in the living room.  No good design reason for that move.  I just like it there!

Do you ever get the urge to paint?

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18 thoughts on “Spray Paint Magic

  1. Pym & Wildsmith

    It’s great to see such creative use of spray paint around the home. Usually spray paint is used for industrial applications, so it is good to see it used elsewhere. Really like the colour of the lamp.

  2. Beverly

    I LOVE that birdcage! The yellow is perfect. And I was totally thinking lamp too. It would look so “Anthropologie”. Though it looks super cute as it is. 😉

  3. DJ

    Love the spray paint effects!
    If a certain color is needed to match an outfit, I’ve been known to spray paint shoes.
    Works like a charm, girlfriend ~

  4. Mom

    The “G” is great! Thank you. Love the lamp and the birdcage too. The pic frames are great. No aqua spray on the frame??

  5. pamela

    As I was reading your post I was thinking ooooh I want to tell her how much I am liking those pops of turquoise and I get the whole thing about our guys taking a bit longer to get used to or like something. Then I scrolled down and saw the yellow bird cage. Swooning still. I have a bird cage….. and I have spray paint. Are you thinking what I’m thinking?
    Thanks too for stopping by and praising my crazy yellow door. I still need affirmation. 🙂

  6. LeAnn

    Do I get the urge to paint?? I think we all know the answer to that one….LOL! Love the lamp and the G in the jade color and of course I love the yellow birdcage. Isn’t that a great color!! Keep going girl. It’s a very inexpensive way to add pizzaz!!


  7. Laura

    I love the fun paint jobs!! That lamp is fabulous! I once painted a table lamp almost that same colour so you can tell fringeman that you’re not the only one 🙂

  8. Debra

    I love your hits of colour. I hope #1 doesn’t see this post. She was hunting big time for a bird cage just like that! 🙂 Hope your glasses are okay.

  9. hibby

    Oh, I am LOVING these little step by step updates!!! And the pops of colour are just wonderful! Keep up the good work!!!

    (I once painted a pretty yucky, worn wood chair bright, happy aqua…..I think my little chair would look quite smashing in your kitchen!) 🙂

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  12. rosie at 3 rosebuds

    Still love all your pops of color. Is it weird that I think that tweety bird cage would make a seriously sweeeeeet lamp? (the extra e’s are for effect) I can just picture it 🙂 and, love all the details.


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