Family Rates @ The Doctors

It’s never a good sign when you need to upscale the size of your medicine bowl that sits next to the coffee pot.

We are dropping like flies here on the fringe, but we are battling the dust mites with our every last little bit of breath.

Dust Mite - Thank God they are too small to be seen with the naked eye!

Dramatic enough?


It’s currently 2:00am and I am awake.  I am also lounging on the couch while the air-conditioner drones her cool magic, and I am watching Clean House.  I am sure I’ll have dreams of someone coming and cleaning MY house.

FringeMan just finished antibiotics for Bronchitis and if you’ll remember, he also had pneumonia a month ago. He added his own brand of allergy pills and Nasal spray to the medicine mix, but it’s FringeBoy that sent me to find a bigger bowl.

FringeBoy has been enduring allergy testing to he can get immunized to bees.  If you’ll remember last summer he was stung by a yellow-jacket and ended up in the hospital.  He’s deathly allergic to bees and fire ants, and since that fateful day, we have used no less than forty-two cans of bee and wasp spray.

We are like the marines storming enemy territory when a bee dares to fly past our porch.  FringeMan has been known to burst from our front door with a can of poison in one hand and the fireplace shovel in the other.  FringeMan battling bees is similar to a tennis match without the LOVE.  He swats bees from the sky and then pounces for a kill.

Anyway, these allergies of my son’s are pretty bad.  He’s on an assortment of medicine that I am sure no ten year-old should be taking and I’ve been forced to turn his semi-clean/semi-trashed room into a completely sterile environment.  I have been commissioned by the doctor to boil pots of water, fill my machine, and soak his bedding in the boiling water for 30 minutes prior to washing each week.  I am not joking.

FringeMan’s sister called me the other night, because she was afraid I had gone all Howard Hues.  Not the case.  I leave those absurd cleaning compulsions to my brother.  I have no choice but to be extreme.  I’m a little afraid of what this doctor will do if I don’t obey.  He’s totally bizarre.  Another story for another day.

Needless to say, my son’s room has been sanitized, boiled, and purified.  The industrial size air purifier keeps his room more sterile than a hospital room.  Trust me, I know this since I spent the better part of the evening in the hospital myself.

A bad asthma attack sent me coughing my way into the ER tonight.  Nothing I had would work and a lack of oxygen doesn’t make for an extremely peppy FringeGirl; however, after a breathing treatment and steroids, I am good to go…for at least the next four to six hours.

So you see, we could use your prayers.  We could also use the Merry Maids and a vacation in Hawaii, but I’ll settle for a prayer.  Easy breathing and controlled allergies are all we’re asking.

Thank you!


16 thoughts on “Family Rates @ The Doctors

  1. MissCaron

    You poor thing! I’m also allergic to a bunch of stuff, stinging insects included. Although, I’m not allergic enough to warrant a trip to the hospital … just enough for extreme discomfort. So, I understand a bit of the PITA it is for you right now. I’ll say a prayer for y’all … hope things start looking up soon. Enjoy the wonderful Memorial Day Weekend! God bless! 🙂

  2. Kimberly

    Sorry FringeFolks!
    Wish I had a long-lost secret to share and make it all go away. Alas, we get family rates at the doctor’s office too. And I’m the one most severely allergic to dust mites and about 65 other fun things. Four years of immunotherapy really did help a little. I can make it through a meal at a cat-owner’s house without sneezing. During the really bad spring season I would watch the pollen levels for our town on pollen DOT com and wear a mask outside of the house as needed. (Of course the HEPA filter running all the time inside.) Sometimes Airborne and lots of water and rest help me, but I often have to fall back on my Symbicort. I praise God for it often in fact.

    Okay, I didn’t want to be one of those full-of-advice people. Just know you are not alone. And slowing down to care for our frail bodies is okay. They’re just temporary. And it’s not your fault. Hang in there!
    (looking at the pictures makes me want to run for the Allegra btw)

  3. Hat Chick

    Oh my goodness….praying for you all. I have asthma too (I’m allergic to grass). I keep a backup bottle of Prednisone in the cabinet. It keeps me out of the ER.

  4. mrs mediocrity

    Yikes. Allergies are really awful to live with. I have been getting shots for almost nine years now, and it has really helped. Nothing else did much for me before that. I hope you will all be feeling better soon…this time of the year is always my worst time and this year in particular is ugly…hang in there!

  5. robinaltman

    That dust mite will give me nightmares for weeks. I’m so sorry about your asthma and allergies! That’s awful! Especially since I don’t know anyone who loves nice weather more that you! Bad old allergens. I’m wishing them all away from your house.

  6. debbie york

    Jenn had extreme allergy problems growing up, so feel some of your pain. Don’t you just have to love a man that will take on bees and wasps, risking life and limb for the protection of his family. Cat Daddy runs the other way and tells me to get the spray!
    I’ll be keeping all of y’all in my prayers for healthier days ahead.

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  8. LeAnn

    Oh dear, your precious family does need prayers! Why is it the saying is so true, “when it rains it pours”! I am so sorry to hear about your trip to the ER and hope by this morning you are feeling perkier. Prayers and hugs for all of you!


  9. Jill

    I’m so sorry for what ya’ll are having to go through. Praying for you!

    BTW, that upclose picture of the dust mite is totally gross!

  10. Gabriela (Gabi with an Eye)

    I am so sorry to hear about all the allergies and asthma. How I wish I had some brilliant home remedy to share with you. I too am asthmatic. I know what it’s like to sit in the ER undergoing one, sometimes two, and occassionally three oral breathing treatments. Oh and lest we forget those adrenalin shots, and the prednisone. Then the racing heart that ensues. The only thing that works for me to abate the sneezin, and I believe I’ve already shared this with you, is to apply some Vick’s Vapo-Rub inside each nostril. Keeps me from sneezing and at the end of the day, I blow my nose really hard (think of an elephant’s roar) and re-apply the Vick’s. I wish I could make it beter for you and your son.


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