30 Seconds of Fame & The Light I Love

Eventually we all have our day in the spotlight.  Our parents just pray our fame does not come in the form of a mug-shot or a spot in the police blotter.  In life there are those who thrive in the lime-light and others who are content to simply lurk in the shadows drinking limeades.  I am a shadow-lurker, although my mother may argue otherwise.

On the rare occasion I am asked to speak at a women’s event hosted by a church, I break out in a million zits.  My face resembles the Catskill mountains by the time I reach the microphone and  I don’t have a fingernail left.  I look like a tortured refugee ready to tell my tale of escape to America.

Once a local newspaper called to ask for an interview and I literally lost three pounds and two night’s sleep over a fifteen minute meeting with a reporter.

Because I know you are wondering, I did nothing extraordinary to make it to the papers.  I merely lived in a small town with long winters.  Reporters get tired of writing about rogue moose.

So when eShakti asked me for a photo of me wearing their dress, my heart sunk to my toes as a million M&M’s danced before mind.  I regretted every one of them, wishing I had run a mile for each red M&M that melted in my mouth; however, I rarely say ‘No’ when asked to do something.  It is a personality flaw.  My default is yes and that gets me into some precarious situations.  An impromptu photo shoot with FringeMan being one of them.

I don’t even have Photoshop!

My sister-in-law, the photographer in the family, lives a million miles away in the land of sunshine and snakes.  She’s the one who knows the lighting tricks, the angles that shave ten pounds off your thighs, and she has Photoshop.  All I have is a point and click camera and a husband that works well with pliers and a Bible, but doesn’t know the first thing about snapping a photo.  Our session consisted of a million laughs and nearly as many pictures.  The camera doesn’t favor me, although FringeMan does.

Let’s just say I will not be the next top model and as a shadow lurker, that makes me very glad.

If you’d like to see my photo, click HERE and look in the right sidebar.  The photos change constantly and sometimes I appear and sometimes I do not.  I am good with that.  Maybe you will think I am someone else.  I will never again be able to say that nobody uses ‘real women’ to sell their clothes.  That alone makes me want to go on a shopping spree at eShakti.

(Note for my mom: Refreshing the page causes the group of photos to change.)

Now to make this post longer than necessary on a rainy morning, I will show you my new light.  I have longed for a light like this since my birth.

Ok, maybe that was a tad dramatic, but I seriously LOVE this style light.  Unfortunately they are out of my budget.  The most affordable knock-off version I could find was at Lowe’s and it was too small and only came in an oil-rubbed bronze.  I have nothing against oil-rubbed bronze, but there’s not another thing in the house that is bronze.

Then FringeMan came home with this castaway, wearing nothing but a chippy white finish.  Hearts reflected from my retinas and a chorus of little birds chirped love songs in my head.  A scrap of sandpaper and a coat of black paint made this little light the perfect addition to my hallway.

I hope it makes you as happy as it made me, but I doubt it.

Now do tell me about your 5 seconds of fame.


Your favorite light fixture.

Whatever…just talk to me.  I am feeling word deprived on this Tuesday morning.

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20 thoughts on “30 Seconds of Fame & The Light I Love

  1. nina in portugal

    You are adorable! the dress is fabulous and you look great!

    I can never do photo shoots with my hubby…it’s always my kids that I choose to be on the other side of the camera…..they don’t complain near as bad as he does…and they think it’s cool that I let them touch my camera.

    Great light! I need to post a picture of the one I just bought..it’s a huge disco ball looking thing, made of paper! Do you guys have an IKEA near you?

  2. deidra

    That picture is cute. For real! And I’ve never heard of eShakti, but I’m so glad you introduced us!

    On another note…I once needed a photo for an event and there were no professionals around, so my husband came to my rescue. It was probably one of my favorite moments with him!

  3. robinaltman

    You’re FringeDelusional! I can’t see one M&M. All I see is a gorgeous woman in a cool dress. Seriously. You look awesome.

    Very cool light fixture! (But I’d never wear it to work.)

  4. LeAnn

    Are you kidding me???? You look absolutely A D O R A B L E !! You should be tooting your own horn there girl! And yes I do like the light fixture.


  5. Lynne Finstra

    Girl friend-cuz, you are just too hard on yourself!
    The dress is lovely and fits you to a T.

  6. Dani JOy

    I will have to check you out! But well, I am sure you can´t possibly see those Red M&Ms!

    You need to keep at it though and keep off those bad boys. Go SF Choc! Go run! Go Sweat! jeje.. I know I know I am a drill sergant.

    from one PW to another,
    Dani Joy

  7. Sara

    Good for you for pushing out of your comfort zone! I, too, am a shadow lurker, and a cool refreshing limeade sounds pretty good right about now. I can’t say that I have ever longed for a particular light fixture, but I did get my dream washer and dryer this Spring–front loaders, deep burgandy, holds a full basket and a half of clothes. Just heavenly!!

  8. Gabriela

    Congratulations on your eShakti press photo. Of all their models, you look the most, well, model-like. Professional model. Yup, that’s you. Man I wish I had your figure! I love your cross-armed pose and the laptop prop. Sensational. Their dress suits you to a Tee.

  9. Laura

    Congrats on your limelight! You look fab in that dress ( I really like the boots too).
    I have a few minor 15min of fame. On our local cable chanel I was in one of the videos that loop while you’re looking at the tv listings. It was footage of me applying make-up to someone. When it aired there was voice over talking about an event going on in the city…I don’t have cable so I never saw it. Maybe that’s a good thing.
    And this website http://www.revolutionstrategy.com/ has a video where I can be seen doing make-up. There’s a link directly to the film on my blog page “make-up work” : http://brknpoet.blogspot.com/p/portfolio.html

    It’s a dreary, rainy Tuesday here…thanks for the chat!

  10. Cathy

    I saw your picture and I totally loved it! I also like your new light. Reminds me a little of the one I have in my hallway at home.

    1. thedomesticfringe Post author

      Thank you. I am loving my kitchen too. You can click on any photo in the sidebar and it will take you to the appropriate post with all its’ photos.

  11. Debra

    You are so cute! I love the photo. Your light fixture makes me happy too. I believe it is a replica of the school house style. You are too young to know this, I am sure. 😉


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