Killed by a Cart

So my kids have this little game going on at the grocery store.  It’s called let’s see how many people we can run over with the shopping cart.

Not really, but at times I feel like they are conspiring together to knock people off.  They probably just enjoy the feeling of being in control, and let’s face it, nothing says control like navigating a buggy through the pickle aisle.

I’m curious…What do you call the grocery cart?

Is it a cart, buggy, or carriage?

Probably depends on where you live.  Did you know that in some areas of New York, they make you drop a quarter in the machine to free your shopping cart.  For a Supermarket, the only thing worse than stolen carts is stolen produce.

Come on…I know you’re guilty.  You taste the grapes.  I’ve seen you.

I don’t really know any of these things for sure, because I’ve never worked in a grocery store.  In fact, I try to spend as little time as possible buying food.  I’m always shocked by how much money I can spend in such a short time and the only thing I have to show for it is my big bottom.

A shame I tell you. A SHAME.

Anyway, last night I grabbed a few containers of BBQ sauce off the shelf and turned to drop them into a shopping cart headed right for my backside.  I was sure my son was on the driver’s side until the cart took a sharp turn around my behind and I locked eyes with the driver.  He was not my son and looked at me like I was crazy for trying to drop BBQ sauce in his cart.  Personally, I think he needs to lighten up.  The summer season has begun and little BBQ sauce just may do him some good.

So in light of my children not killing anyone with their cart this week, I thought I would host a little blog carnival.  You know the kind…you write an amusing little post and link it to the domestic fringe.  Then you come over here and drop off your specific URL in the linky thing I’ll put up.

Here’s the catch:

Your post must include a summertime recipe.  No pot roast simmering in the oven for four hours or anything like that.  I’m looking for light, bright, oven free things to eat this summer.

So will you join me this coming Tuesday, June 8th, and link your favorite summer-time recipe?

I hope so!  Let me know in the comments.

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13 thoughts on “Killed by a Cart

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  2. Dani Joy

    LOL! Your grocery shopping sounds like me with my three! I try to avoid getting the carts. We have to free them with a 1€ or .50 cent pieces. And I never have one of those.
    I am forever running people over or over filling the carts. I manage to spend at least 80€ in 15 min. I get to the store 15 min. before it closes trying to do marathon shopping. I mean really. How can we spend so much in so little time?

    I think I have just the right recipe. If I remember to linkup next week. 😉 Love the idea! sounds great!

    have a great day, Fringe girl!
    Dani Joy

  3. robinaltman

    I actually have a recipe! It requires a pan, though. But no oven! I’m playing!
    I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with. Fun!

  4. Jill

    My kids “accidentally” drive the cart up on my heels at least once every time I allow them to push. I guess, based on the previous sentence, I call that thing a cart.

    I will try to do the recipe if I remember. And if I can come up with a summer recipe. It’s not my strong suit, you know.

  5. robelyn

    I call it a wagon. I’m not sure why – but I can take someone DOWN with that wagon! I think my license has been suspended a few times!!!

    Okay… a recipe… I can do this!!! And – chances are – it won’t involve fire of any kind…

    🙂 I think I saw fringeboy’s picture on a wanted poster in the local market….

    😀 robelyn

  6. Gabriela

    Nope – sorry – no can do the linky “thang”. My husband’s recipes are not housed in any URL. He only has Word versions of his recipes and does not post them online so there are no links for me to share. It’s a shame, because he’s a genius in the kitchen and I would have loved to have shared his favorite (okay, my favorite) summer time recipes. I look forward to reading your blog carnival regardless.

  7. Cathy

    We call them carts here in southwest Ohio. And I try never ever to push one. Hubby always does it if he’s there and if he’s not I try to make one of the girls do it. I think I am your children! lol

    We have to pay a quarter at some of our stores too and no I don’t eat the produce unless it’s actually in one of those sample containers. It’s not that I don’t want to, but I’d feel terribly guilty and then I’d have to confess to someone I did it….so I just don’t. My daughter kept accusing me of shoplifting the other day, because I forgot my reading glasses and I couldn’t see a thing so I picked out a pair and used them in the store and then paid for them as I was leaving. Man I hate getting old and being blind. 🙂

    I’ll play along Tuesday (if I can remember). Sounds like fun.

  8. Charming's Mama

    It’s called a shopping cart here also. I am always amazed at how much money can be spent at the grocery store and I still come home and seem to have nothing to fix for supper! I am lacking in grocery shopping/menu planning skills. I’d love to join your blog carnival. However since I have just confessed to my lack of organizational skills, we shall see.

  9. David

    They’re usually called carts in Texas. Occasionally, someone MIGHT say buggie. But carriage? Never heard that.

    Not sure I’m going to have the time to do the linky thing. But I do think I have shopped with your children.


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