Pizza Night Made Crazy

Do you ever make your own pizza?

My kids get very excited when they can play with their own dough and use their favorite pizza toppings – cheese and sauce.  Yes, they are adventurous.

This really isn’t a recipe, because I’m out of recipes.  Frankly, I can’t even think of a recipe to share for my own ‘Summer Food’ Blog Carnival this coming Tuesday.  The main reason I am hosting this carnival is to steal your ideas!

Now I only make my own pizza when I am living outside of a 30 mile ring of NYC, because NYC has the best pizza EVER and you’d be crazy to make your own; however, I am living in the boonies again and the best pizza choice I have is Pizza Hut.

No offense Pizza Hut.  My children love you, but my stomach screams for mercy every time I eat your pizza.

Besides making pizza when you have lots of fresh veggies is fun.  I dump the whole salad on a pizza for FringeMan and then add too much garlic.  He likes it and there’s always plenty leftover for the next day.

I always add a little salt, pepper, and oregano to the top.  Fresh herbs would make it extra special.

I use freshly sliced tomatoes on my pizza rather than sauce and always plenty of cheese.

Cheese makes people happy!

Except for him.  He’s perfecting the art of grump for the camera and he told me the cheese tasted like plastic.

First, I am not responsible for how Kraft makes their cheese.

Second, how much plastic has he eaten in his short life?  How does he know what plastic cheese tastes like?

At least she’s happy with hers.  She’s always happy.

Me, I’m crazy.

I’m crazy, because now I have to clean up that messy kitchen, including the entire bottle of juice FringeKid spilled on the floor.

Ok, maybe ordering Pizza Hut isn’t so bad after all.

(Please excuse the photo of the inside of my mouth, but a special thanks goes out to my orthodontist and parents for straight teeth.)

What do you like on your pizza?

Please don’t forget to stop by Tuesday and link your favorite summertime recipe to my blog carnival and if you would be so kind, pass the word!  Thank you. 🙂

For specifics on the carnival, click HERE.

If you’d like a pizza dough recipe, click HERE…or…you can just buy a bag of ready-made dough in the supermarket.  I like options.

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19 thoughts on “Pizza Night Made Crazy

  1. langela

    I make homemade pizzas when I make our bread. I just use the same dough. I have another simple recipe that I use on non-bread-making days. You can make several batches, wrap in plastic wrap, place in a baggie, and freeze for next time. Nice and cheap and doesn’t make any extra mess. Then we use a homemade spaghetti sauce (has meat, veggies, etc) on top and cheese. Sometimes we will add something extra. The homemade sauce makes it super easy and tastes awesome. And now I know what we will be eating for supper tonight!

  2. robinaltman

    Yum! I’m inspired to make pizza! I’ll have to check out the food store, because I’ve never done this before. I love anchovies on my pizza, even though the rest of my family thinks it’s revolting. There might have to be a special little Robin pizza.

  3. Amber

    I always use romas instead of sauce!!! So much better.

    P.s. your curly hair looks exactly like mine but I’m blonde. 😀 I love it!

  4. Dani Joy

    hahaha!!! that´s a crazy pizza for sure! a salad on top??? hmm now I may go for that. Have to try it!
    We buy frozen crusts at the store, already made sauce, some chorizo, lots of shredded cheese, and the boys like tuna or any kind of fishy stuff to put on the pizza too. Not me! yucko! I love onions and peppers and all veggies really. Of course the cheese really is the best part!
    funny about your son eating plastic cheese. we ate some the other day. it didn´t even melt in the oven on top of my macaroni dish. It got all brown and crunchy! What kind of plastic was that? yOu must ask Fringe kid. Please.
    Happy Pizza day!
    Dani Joy

  5. Jenn

    Fun. I did a blog post about a pizza making party the other day.

    I’m off to check out that dough recipe because I’ve yet to find a a good one.

  6. thelumberjackswife

    Fun post! I like the idea of having the kids assemble their pizzas! And the pizza with the spinach on it looks so yummy!
    The picture of your boy made me laugh!
    PS-I added the pics to my side bar-thanks for your help. I gave you a little shout out . . . it was a few days ago . . . I am sorry I forgot to mention it to you earlier.
    Happy Weekend!

  7. caprik

    I was just thinking how nice your teeth were!

    We buy our dough at Trader Joe’s in the refrigerater section, pretty cheap. One package makes 2 personal pizzas. I am boring, ham and mushroom is my favorite, but the other people use onion, olives, green pepper, bacon,sausage, pepperoni, hot peppers…..

    REALLY like FringeBoy’s choice in shirts! We are HUGE fans of Junior.

  8. LeAnn

    I love to make homemade pizza. I like mushrooms, green peppers, olives and onions….yum!! Okay, now I’m hungry for pizza.

    I just love your kitchen!!


  9. Julie McGoldrick

    I’ve been reading your blog for a few months now, but this is my first time commenting! You are so, so funny, and such fun to read!

    I made pizza for dinner tonight, too. My boys will eat ANYTHING on pizza. Well, one of my boys. The other is a baby– not too much pizza eating yet… Anyway, just wanted to say hello and thank you for giving me a break from MY life each day as I delve into YOURS!

    PS I love all of your redecorating- your cabinets are amazing- love that color!

  10. DJ

    Fun blog post, FG~
    I don’t think I’ve ever made a homemade pizza, come to think of it. Your technique makes me wanna, though.
    I’m a veggie pizza kind of woman, black olives, green peppers with cheese makes me happy….then sometimes pepperoni for some kick.
    ps~ there’s an apology to you in comments of my last blog post. ~Hugs

  11. Laura

    Now you need a dessert pizza…like a cold set cheesecake receipe topped in chocolate sauce and m&ms….wouldn’t that be good?! I need to do that!

  12. Yelena

    this post made me smile 🙂
    your children are lovely. this post reminded me that my family hasn’t made homemade pizza in a long time! must do it sometime, because really, homemad pizza does beat those fast food places! 🙂
    and thank you for stopping by my blog 🙂
    do come agaiin 🙂

  13. Charming's Mama

    I’m a plain cheese pizza girl myself (sometimes pepperoni and sausage), if I want veggies I’ll eat a salad. I’m also one of the middle children, must be some truth to what Debra said.

  14. Morgan @

    I love homemade pizza! We purchase our dough from the local store (I’ve never found any in the super market that I love… which do you use?) and go to town with fresh veggies and yummy delicatessen cheeses. Makes an easy appetizer for friends when you roll the dough verrrry thin and use just a few sparse unusual toppings like sweet potato and onions on a thin BBQ sauce layer – slice it up into squares and serve. Yum.

    1. the domestic fringe Post author

      I don’t know what kind of dough I buy. I wish I had an extra in the freezer to tell you. It’s not bad. I like to make dough from scratch, but sometimes I’m just in a rush, so the store-bought works out well.

  15. Debra

    Fun as usual on the Fringe! 😉 My second child will only eat sauce and cheese on her pizza too. Maybe it’s part of what I like to call “The Second Child Syndrome”

  16. Cathy

    We love pizza and will probably call in for delivery tonight. That’s our typical Friday night choice. My favorite toppings are ham, pineapple, onions & mushrooms or just plain cheese pizza!


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