Waiving The White Flag

Every time I hear the whir of my neighbor’s lawn mower, I cringe in a corner and cry tears of regret.  Why must we be so anal?

Why can’t we all just be happy with overgrown weeds in our yard?  Some of them are really beautiful.

Mr. Retiree, think of them as wild flowers instead of pesky weeds.  No one wants to chop the head off of a wildflower!

It’s astounding that a young, energetic family cannot keep up with a man whose prime was four decades ago, but here we lie in our bed of weeds waving a white flag of surrender.  We have jobs, and school, and activities.  We have lives to live and simply cannot mow the lawn ever other day, and I would just assume pave my front yard rather than get out there with a pair of steroid laden scissors to manicure the place.  You should see my fingernails.  If anything is getting a manicure, it’s them!

The bar has been raised to high and  I don’t think my non-limbo-ing neighbor will lower it.  I wonder what he would do if I hid his mower?

Just a thought…

In my opinion, manicured lawns are best reserved for retirement communities.

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5 thoughts on “Waiving The White Flag

  1. Patti

    TOTALLY agree with you, my friend. Old neighbors in FW DID (and still do) allow native grasses and wildflowers to blossom freely and wildly in their old Manderly Place addy.
    And Desert Rats in Phoenix have adapted marvelously to the local fauna.
    Alas, my dear hubby does not support this passion.

    Nobody’s perfect. (“Some Like it Hot”)

  2. Debra

    Right now our lawn is taller than our dogs. They can literally disappear in it. Just think of it as doing your part to cut down on pollution. 😉

  3. Jill

    I have five boys and we still can’t seem to get our lawn mowed on a regular basis. I’m going to start telling people that we miss the jungles of Africa and so we brought them with us.


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