Walking in the Rain

Even though I gave them strawberry jam, my kids teachers are conspiring together to kill me in the last two weeks of school.

Six field trips in six days and I’m only missing the one to the animal farm.  If you thought my strawberry picking rash was bad, you should see what happens when I get around animals during allergy season.  In order spare the second grade class the drama of my needing oxygen, I’m passing on the animal farm.  My daughter is not happy.

I’m hoping by the time she graduates high school she’ll forgive me.

Monday I was sixteen stories under the earth in a ginormous cave and today we walked to a baseball game.  Sounds fun, doesn’t it?  The only problem was the rain.

Now let me explain…this was a ‘walking’ field trip.  I live right near the baseball field, but I walked to the school in the rain, so I could bring up the rear of the line of fourth graders walking to the field.  Then we sat in the rain until they delayed the action and covered the field.  Thankfully I live in a small enough town to ensure people remain generally kind to wet children, so the bowling alley graciously opened their doors and let us in.  It took over an hour for the game officials to decide to cancel the game.  I could have made that decision in twenty seconds!

I could see my house from the bowling alley, but I walked the kids back to school in the rain and then back home in the rain.

Tomorrow is another ‘walking’ trip and guess what’s in the forecast?

Now don’t mistake my complaining about rain for a desire to ride in the school bus, because that’s about as much fun as having my wisdom teeth plucked from my jaw.  Do you know what happens on bus rides?  Children get motion sickness.

Yes, they do.

I’ll take walking in the rain any day of the week to riding in the school bus.  I only wish our entire walk wasn’t straight up hill tomorrow.

All I can think is that with all this walking, I should be skinny.  Life is very unfair sometimes.

Tell me, please.  Why do I feel like we are the only school in this country still in session?


7 thoughts on “Walking in the Rain

  1. Gabriela

    Well, you’re not alone. Minime is still in school. Tomorrow’s her last day. I can’t believe you walked in the rain and sat in the bleachers and then back to the bowling alley. Oh I wish I’d been there to take photos for you. Okay, and of you.

  2. David

    School’s still in session? Crazy! It’s big-time summer here. Already hitting triple digits occasionally and that’s about to be the norm in the next couple of weeks. At least the rain kept you cool, huh?

  3. caprik

    I SO remember those last days of elementary school! I would bump into myself coming when I was leaving!

    There was one year all 3 kids were in school together, grades 5, 3, and kindergarten. I thought that was going to be the year that BROKE me! Field trips, field day, picnics, camps and parties, YIKES!

    Mousey’s last day is tomorrow. WOO to the HOOTY HOOT HOO!!!!!!

  4. robinaltman

    School just ended yesterday. There is already a big group of teens in my basement drinking Crystal Light between make out sessions. (They look perfectly innocent when I go down there, but I know stuff…)

    I never heard of a walking field trip. That’s very funny. What a nice bowling alley man!

  5. DJ

    Sorry. Can’t help you.
    June 2 was the last day for students here.
    We teachers were done at 2pm on Friday, June 4.
    Excuse me while I get something cold to drink and get another pillow for my hammock…

  6. Debra

    I feel your pain. I walked ten hours a day in New York and gained five pounds. I’m glad you’re giving the farm a miss. At what age do kids NOT want you to be involved in school activities? In grade twelve I was still doing stuff. Good luck on the walking up hill in the rain. 🙂
    Schools are still open here too. Why have some schools gotten out weeks ago in the U.S. and not yours? Inquiring minds want to know.


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