A Call for My Sanity

Dear Mr. F. Labala, Lavala, or Laval,

Some people from a collection agency are desperately trying to reach you.  They mistakenly think you live with me, but I’ll swear on my mother’s once sacred lamp that I have never laid eyes on you.  Unless you broke into my home and stole nothing but a long distance call, you have also never used my telephone. Unfortunately at some point in this lifetime, we shared a common number.

My phone rings a hundred times a day and each time I hear the shrill of its’ Brrrrrng, I go scampering to reach it by the third ring.  Sometimes this requires me sliding down the banister from the second floor or exiting the bathroom before all my clothing is neatly in order.  When I see the *866* on my caller ID, I become enraged, infuriated, and just plain annoyed.  They phoned eighteen times yesterday, starting at around eight in the morning and culminating in FringeMan speaking to a manager at seven-thirty in the evening; however, the manager will not help.  We talk to them weekly.

These friends of yours that keep calling are in the Philippines.  I love Philippine people and they make wonderful food, but I am learning to hate these call center workers.  It’s sad really, especially since I speak to them so often.  I try not to hate, but each ring of my telephone brings me one step closer to losing my mind and there’s precious little left.  My children have made sure of this.

I don’t want to know why you owe money.  I really don’t care if you bought a golden lizard keychain or a plasma TV.  I don’t even care if you never pay your bill.  All I’m asking is that you update your phone number, because they won’t listen to me.  I’d invite them over for coffee and a peak in my closets if this would ensure the end of the phone calls, but it’s a long trip overseas for them and I don’t make great coffee.

So Mr. L. (Can I call you that, because no-one seems to be certain of the pronunciation of your name?), I am begging you to show mercy on me, my family, and my frayed emotions.  Call me when you get a minute.  You know the number!

Most Sincerely,

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19 thoughts on “A Call for My Sanity

  1. Sara

    This happened to me once, only a woman whose name was very similar to mine gave her debt collectors my number. I finally had to pull out my social security card to verify that I was not the woman who owed a bunch of money. Totally infuriating experience!

  2. Dani Joy

    You know you will have to fill us in on how this turns out. Of all the places in the world, they call you from the Philippines! that´s crazy. So he owes money? do they tell you how much? wow! I mean this goes beyond crazy. and I can see how it is driving you crazy. uhhhgg!

    We use to get calls for an insurance company for about 4 years. It was so annoying. we finally changed our number. maybe you should look into that.

    Dani Joy

  3. Patti

    A long time ago we filled off some paper that supposedly stopped our solicitations. And really. It did.

    We hardly EVER get them.
    So nice, as there’s no caller ID here.

    Wish I could tell ya what the form was…

  4. marytoo

    I have the very same problem, but RH, not Mr. L. We can’t change the phone # because we have a home business here and this # is in the phone books and our ads. If you figure out how to fix it, would you pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease let me know??? Thx.

  5. caprik

    I INTENSELY dislike when we get those phone calls OVER and OVER!
    Even if you don’t answer, you get the dang beeping that makes you want to saw your ears off!
    Sheesh, you would think there was an election or something! That’s when I count 18-25 phone calls per day.

  6. peter747

    funny how i have had the same problem. it was about a couple of years ago… i kept getting calls from philippine call centers who were asking to speak to someone i did not know… told them i just got my number but they did not listen… they kept calling until one day i told them that the person they were looking for had died…

    calls stopped.

  7. Mindy

    Interesting that they say they can do nothing. It may be the Better Business Bureau that you can contact. Man, I can’t remember, but there is a means of requesting them to cease and desist from further calls with some type of FCC ramifications. Maybe that’s it. Do some FCC googling. ~Mindy

  8. Mom

    Hey, there is another Beverly reading your blog!!!
    A few times I asked the telemarketer for his home number so that I could call him back at a later time when I was more available to talk to him. They usually protest about giving out their home number and how they don’t want to be called at home. Bingo!!!
    That has stopped calls in the past for me.

  9. Beverly (Fat Dogs Mom)

    I had this exact same problem and I had to change my phone #. I have a cell only and they only charged me $10 to change the phone #. Might be worth looking into to save your sanity and peace of mind. All my calls were from call centers in India. I eventually told them the person they were looking for was at Seven 11 🙂

  10. the domestic fringe Post author

    The thing is that I don’t usually answer it, but it rings anyway and I still need to run and see who it is. So it’s a pain no matter what!

  11. Debra

    Yikes, that’s horrible. Don’t answer that number anymore. Actually, I don’t answer any numbers I don’t know anymore. 🙂

  12. robinaltman

    How annoying! Stuff like this can drive you bonkers. Maybe you should tell the phone company and change your number, but what a pain. Drat that Mr. L!

  13. mrs mediocrity

    Yikes. Seriously, just don’t answer anymore. When I don’t recognize the call, I push the ringer’s mute button. They get the message after a while. What a nightmare for you though.

  14. Carol Adams

    Goodness that is just horrid, however, do you really really think that this person is going to give them their number now, only be bombarded with the calls you have been receiving??
    Can you file a complaint with the Attorney General in your state? Not sure if that would help or not but you might contact them or go on the website.
    Yep, I’d be on the edge by now…
    If you have caller ID, you might just hang up on them after you establish who they are. If you do this enough times they might give up…
    Take care!!!


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