Going to HollyWood

My kids must think they are going to HollyWood.  Either that or  my son has been sneaking into the living room in the middle of the night and watching Miami Vice reruns.

An upturned collar…what?  I thought I would never see that again.

He must take after his father!

Give this one a little spot in the lime-light and it’s all over.

She steals the show or at least she tries.

A teacher once told me that I should send them acting school, but I think they get plenty of practice at home.

FringeKid is perfecting her autograph, so FringeBoy can sell copies.

The thing is, I don’t doubt it a bit!

Have a happy, happy weekend.


9 thoughts on “Going to HollyWood

  1. DJ

    Hey, Babe, have your people call my people and remind them that professional photographers make a lot of dough, so start collecting now…

  2. Jill

    Great pics! Two of mine are in skits for VBS this coming week. They are such natural hams, I worry when the spotlight hits them!

  3. LeAnn

    Well they can become rich and famous and take care of you and Mr. Domestic Fringe….no worries…LOL! Have a great weekend.



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