Summer’s Smiles and Steals


Drinking my morning coffee on the porch while it’s still cool and before I’ve tamed my wildly frizzy hair.

Shaking off the morning grump while the sun is shining and the birds are chirping.

Listening to little boys giggle as they try to look inside their belly buttons.

Strawberry jam on homemade wheat bread.

Lazy days and long nights.

Summer is also yard-sale season.  Believe me, I wait all year for people to haul their junk out of the basement and spread it out on the lawn.  I don’t know who made up the saying about airing your dirty laundry, but they weren’t junkers.

Look at this cute shirt!  It brings me back to my childhood.

The difference between an eight year old posing and a thirty-five twenty-eight year old posing for a photo is the stomach.

I love how my daughter purposely puffs out her stomach, because I know that when she gets to be my age, she’ll take a deep breath and suck her stomach in until it’s touching her spine.  There’s freedom of the airways when you’re eight.

Although I wasn’t planning on hitting any yard-sales today, there happened to be a woman having a moving sale and she was right around the corner from me.  How could I not support a neighbor?

I love this little glass Christmas set.  The colors match my kitchen perfectly and the entire set was only $2.  That’s 4 cups, a platter, 4 dinner plates, 4 salad bowls, and 4 desert plates.

Then she let me fill a box for a buck.  I honestly felt bad.  It was like stealing, but she insisted that she just wanted to get rid of stuff.

These rusty old galvanized buckets are going to become planters for my porch.  Can’t you just see them overflowing with pink and purple flowers?  That metal thing on top is a frame from a lamp shade.  I’m going to paint it and then hang a light bulb in the middle.  Won’t that be so cute?  FringeMan thinks I’m nuts and he’s going to make me do my own wiring on this one, but he’ll see…

Oh, and I almost forget this little thing.

I never buy stuff like that, but I thought this little thing was so cute.  It’s made from old fabric circles…I forget what they are called…help me remember please.

What is summer to you?


12 thoughts on “Summer’s Smiles and Steals

  1. DJ

    Another idea for that lampshade is to cover it with ribbon in a coordinating color…your living room red or your beloved teal…. or a nice paisley with both?

  2. Jaybird

    Red Neck Chic had one of those yo-yo dolls when she was a kid….wonder if she still has it…hmmmmmm

  3. langela

    Summer to me is sprinklers, birds, and lots and lots of weeds. Except this year it is the idea that an ark may be a better idea for a home. We’ve talked about building one. We have had so much rain and it doesn’t look like it will dry up anytime soon. We had almost a foot of rain in just the past week and plenty before that. The kids have enjoyed the flooded yard/pond, though!

  4. robinaltman

    Great stuff! I admire your creativity so much!!! I have zero imagination for yard sale finds. I’d be like your neighbor – letting people fill up bags just to get it off my hands. The clown is very cute.

    Summer to me is laying on a lounge on the patio with a glass of water, listening to a book on tape, with teenage boys cracking themselves up in the background. Heavenly.

  5. Dani Joy

    Great job at the garage sale! that´s so cool!

    I love home made NY stawberry jam. You totally made me homesick!

    for me now summers are riding bikes, going on picnics, reading, catching up on cleaning, But the most fun are the warm evenings we share as a family on the beach. We can´t go during the day due to the nudity but we go when the sun is starting to set. One such evening, God gave us a beautiful back drop, A huge orange full moon right over the ocean! it was gorgeous. I will never forget it!

    Well, here´s to our summer vacations. May they be blissfully dreamy. jeje Enjoy the cool beautiful evenings in NY for me and head on over to Lake Ontario if you can. It´s so nice in the summer. Fair Haven or Sodus or even Oswego. Oswego isn´t as pretty though. 😉

    Big hugs
    Dani Joy

  6. Julie McGoldrick

    First off- the jam is heavenly! My boys helped me make it on Friday, and we’ve eaten it on everything… even put some into a vinaigrette. Thanks for sharing!

    And with the yard sales- You have me inspired. My husband also teases me about my ideas- I do a lot of creating on my own- but he is (almost) always impressed with the outcomes! An old Catholic school near us closed, and put their old desks up for sale– think wooden with the half-desk attached to the chair. So cute, now, painted and in my playroom. My boys are still young (2 and almost 1), but one day they will love them. I hope.

    Summer to me? Popsicles. Lots of them.

  7. Debbie York

    I bet those cute Christmas dishes are anchor-hocking…am I right? Cute set and such a bargain. You’ll get more than $2 pleasure from them. Won’t Christmas breakfast be perfect served on them?
    We should all be so lucky when someone airs their dirty laundry!
    P.S. I love summer mornings too…afternoons…not so much!

  8. Mom

    The dishes are beautiful! The old bowls will be great planters. That other thing…I’ll wait and see the finished product!

  9. caprik

    I have one of those circle fabric clowns somewhere! Had it ALL my life.

    Garage sales turn the creativity in your brain on. Good exercise, keeps those pistons firing!

  10. Jill

    I’m impressed with your imagination. I find great stuff at yard sales, but I can’t see what things can become–probably because I have no creativity in making it into something else.

  11. marytoo

    Those little fabric circles are yo-yo’s. My mom used to make yo-yo clowns for us when we were kids.

    I love your imagination and your creativity. We are in the month-long process of moving after ten years in the same house, and I am like your neighbor…all I can think of is getting rid of stuff. I am so desperate to get rid of it, I can’t even get a yard sale together. I am just hauling stuff to the curb, and come and get it! I won’t make any $ that way, but, it saves me from hauling it to Goodwill. Or the dump…


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