A Family of Posers

I love when people aren’t afraid to be themselves, even if they are extremely quirky.  There’s something attractive and often inspiring about those who are comfortable being the people who God created.  When you strip off pretense, we are all left with our naked and often peculiar selves.  It’s only the pretenders that bother me.

I try really hard to encourage my children to walk confidently in their persons, regardless of their popularity or the ever-changing tide of peer approval, so it surprised me when my son concocted a plan to be a poser.

As a thinker, my son is constantly planning ahead.  This drives me insane!  I tend to fly through life by the seat of my pants and I dislike planning away every moment of my day.  I enjoy surprises and often live on a whim; however, my son cannot abide contentedly in the life I create.  While he thrives in order, daily planners, and schedules, I don’t even know today’s date!  After visiting his future classroom and meeting his new teacher, his mind is already doing next year’s math homework.

Last night he came to me and said that next year there will be no excuses not to have your homework done, because all classwork will be available online.  I’m not sure why he even wasted a moment’s thought, because he always does his homework.  I am the one whose dog still eats my important papers, not to mention the fact that I forget to send in field trip money on time.  I am the mother that teachers wish they could put on detention.  My son doesn’t need excuses, but he must be prepared.

So he said that, hypothetically speaking, if an anonymous child needed an excuse for no homework, he would have to claim that he was a descendent of the Amish and that his parents didn’t believe in technology.

I hope he never forgets his homework, because I am NOT riding to school in a horse-drawn cart for the next parent/teacher conference.  Besides, I don’t look good in a bonnet.

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11 thoughts on “A Family of Posers

  1. Sara

    That’s awesome! I’m literally laughing out loud!! Thank you for encouraging quirkiness. My four year old has always been “his own person”. I think we may have a long road ahead of us.

  2. Patti

    Praise God for your son. I am the quirk in a fairly normal family–okay a very normal family–living in Normal in the Midwest.

    PRAISE GOD they let me be and even occasionally are seen out in public with me.

    You sound like a great mom.

  3. robinaltman

    I like the way he thinks! How cute. Don’t worry – I’m sure teachers want to put me in detention, too.

  4. Jill

    Don’t you just love it when their skills accentuate our flaws? I love it even more when they actually point it out to me.

  5. Debra

    He is a cutie, inside and out. I can’t plan anything either for the life of me. You should see my hubby, I’m supposed to be the organized one! 🙂


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