The 4th Deserves a Tribute

Because the 4th of July deserves a tribute, I painted my finger-nails blue and then coated them with glitter.  My daughter looked down at my hands when I’d nearly finished and exclaimed, “Your nails look like fireworks are going off!”

“Yes, my daughter.  It’s because I am patriotic.”

I am also pitifully lazy tonight.   So although I photographed the fireworks on my left thumb, I’m too tired to walk downstairs and get my camera to download another piece of fine photography for you.

Sorry.  I know how sad that makes you.

If you’d like to read a real 4th of July tribute, click HERE.

In the meantime…May all your hot dogs be burned (It’s the only way I like them) and all your buns be warmed.  Happy 4th!


8 thoughts on “The 4th Deserves a Tribute

  1. Gabriela (Gabi with an Eye)

    Oh Tricia – you’re aboslutely precious! Love your patriotic photo. It’s very “Americana”. Happy Fourth! We’ll be at the capitol watching “A Capitol Fourth”. Now if I could only figure out how to shoot fireworks with a DSLR camera.


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