I Love My Country

I love her rocky Maine shores and Pensacola’s white sand beaches.  I love finding starfish in tidepools, while gulping in large breaths of salty air.  I love the feel of the sun warming my face, while my feet bury in the sand.

I love her cities standing tall and rising proud.  I love eating hot pretzels from street vendors, visiting museums, and walking until my feet scream in protest.

I love Ellis Island.

I love her people and her spirit.  Her ‘can do’ attitude and her fight to succeed.  I love that you can be anything your heart desires in America.  I love that dreams are fulfilled and lives are changed every day.  I love possibility.

I love America.

I love her fields of corn, dew kissed flowers, and mountain views.  I love visiting a farm stand in the summer.  I love victory gardens and fresh fruit, strawberry jam, and apple pie.

I love yard sales.  I love America’s old, but not forgotten junk. I love her history.  I love BBQ’s and picnics in the park.  Lazy days, friends, and coffee with a neighbor.

I love the men and women who gave their lives for our country.  I love freedom.  I love her generosity and goodness.  I love the American Flag and the blood shed to preserve it.

I love her church steeples rising on mountain tops and sitting nestled in valleys.  I love the liberty to worship God and share my faith with my children.

I love my life, the opportunity to own a home, and live as I please.  I love mom and pop shops, front porches, and Maine Street.

I love from sea to shining sea, because I love America.

What do you love about our country?

(Please note:  I stole this idea from a preacher who read a poem and was inspired to make his own list.)

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15 thoughts on “I Love My Country

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  2. marytoo

    I love America because there is no, no, no other place in the world like it. It is the noblest social experiment ever in the history of the world.

    My aunts from Cuba were allowed to come here for a visit, and they were just in awe. All they could say is that this country is the marvel of the world.

    A few years ago my son met some Frenchmen who were visiting here, and he asked them what they thought of Americans. The media would have us believe that the world hates us. But his reply, so simple, just a few words, but it said it all: “In our hearts we are all Americans.”

  3. langela

    I love that you “stole” the idea from a preacher. Made me giggle. I love our Christian history, the right (for now) to school our children at home, and the men and women who have fought and continue to fight for these and all our freedoms.

  4. debbie york

    I love the flag, the Pledge of Allegiance and those who fought to protect them. I love living in a country where dreams are not only encouraged, but can come true. I love being able to wear anything I want. I love the freedom of speech which you used beautifully. I love hot water, indoor toilets and central A/C. Most of all, I love living in a country that others are trying to get in ( not out) of. I thank God that he placed me here in this beautiful country from sea to shining sea.

  5. DJ

    I’m sure there are countries on this planet that would never allow their women to paint their nails that gorgeous color, much less write a blog.
    Nuff said ~

    Holiday Hugs to you & yours!

  6. mrs mediocrity

    I love everything that you mentioned, plus the Adirondacks, and the ability we all have to do this, and say whatever we wish live in this country that may have faults but is still just wonderful.

  7. Emily

    😀 Great Pictures!!!

    What do I love about America?
    * The Maple Syrup of Vermont
    * Lobsters of Maine
    * The Men and Women who volunteer to fight for our nations freedom.
    * The ability to worship God openly !

    Have a lovely day!

  8. LeAnn

    Well I would say that about covers it all….:) God Bless our wonderful country…yes God bless it, He has and He will continue to.

    P.S. Luv your nails!!


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