It’s a Heat Wave, A Tropical Heat Wave

Baby it’s hot outside!

I am melting faster than M&M’s in child’s grubby hand.

The kids and I spent the afternoon in the library, because it was the only air-conditioned space in town where I didn’t need to spend a dime.  Tonight we went to McDonald’s, bought a drink and just sat in the cool.  I’ve never loved McDonald’s like I loved him tonight.  I even forgive them for mixing up orders in the past and putting mustard on my burger.

Now I know what you’re thinking…don’t I usually complain about the cold?  I realize I should be overwhelmed with gratitude now that the red mark on the thermometer is rising, and I am.  It’s just that it’s been rising to 96 degrees.  The TV reporter said that with the humidity, the heat index was 105 today, and we all know that everything they say on television is truth.

We just aren’t prepared for this much heat all at once.  We only have one little air-conditioner in my room, so that means the kids are camping on our floor.  Heaven help me when I wake up for a middle of the night potty run.  It will be like navigating an obstacle course with my eyes closed.

The good news is that it’s just too hot to eat much.  If the heat wave lingers, I may shed a few pounds.  Maybe it will linger for the next six months?  Hey, crazier things have happened!

Tomorrow I am going swimming, even if that means filling the ice bucket with water and flapping one toe at a time.

Funny Pictures

I even bought a new and much needed swimsuit.  You can see it HERE, but mine is black.  Now I am not a fan of cheap swimsuits, but this one is actually pretty good.  It’s even got a little shaping firmness to it.  So hats off to Wal-Mart.  You were there to fit my budget in a pinch.


15 thoughts on “It’s a Heat Wave, A Tropical Heat Wave

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  2. marytoo

    I never, never, never complain about the cold, because I am forever whining about how hot it is here, so why do I live in Texas.

    We just got back from Jamaica, and it was pretty hot down there, but there was a nice sea breeze coming in our window all the time. I noticed everyone carried napkins or a handkerchief around with them all the time to wipe their sweat off.

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  4. kelly

    I know, isn’t it crazy? I feel like a caterpillar in a cool cocoon, staying inside all the time. Can’t wait til it cools down a bit so I can go back outside. Love the redneck swimming pool!

  5. Laura

    Love your new swimsuit! I think anything retro is fabulous! I’m jealous of all the ’50s glam you’ll be channeling by your pool…I mean truck…I mean pool 😉
    (I might try and convince my dad to do that with his pickup….)

  6. Charming's Mama

    I have a new swim suit too, well sort of, it’s new to me. My sister cleaned out her closet and found it, she never wore it, still in the plastic with the tags on it. Can’t beat free.

    Love the redneck swimming pool! Too funny!

    Loving the weather here, although its hot its not as hot as usual for this time of year.

  7. Debra

    The image of you all huddled in one room trying to cool off is great. The heat and humidity is awful here too. I’m going to get my hubby to fill his truck up for a pool. 😉 Great idea. You are very brave to wear a swimsuit. I don’t know how hot it will get for me to do that! 🙂

  8. Patti

    Thanks for letting me LAUGH so early in the a.m.
    Love the M&Ms image and the vision of y’all huddled in the one room.

    We used to sleep in one room in an old mansion in Louisiana that had a window unit in MY bedroom. Brothers sprawled on a cot on the floor, I groused from my canopy bed, insulted that such grotiness was in my room.

    Miss those days.

  9. debbie york

    I’ve been watching the national weather and it’s actually hotter where you are than down here in Texas. It does take some getting used to…even for us. One thing you can thank the humidity for…it does wonders for your skin. Remember…ladies don’t sweat…we glow!
    P.S. Now are you gonna be brave and post a photo of you in the swim suit?

    1. the domestic fringe Post author

      Debbie, I may be brave, but I’m not CRAZY! I look like a marshmallow wrapped in dark chocolate. Seriously, I could stand a tan. 😉

  10. LeAnn

    Those couple days we had last week in the 70’s was absolutely blissful to me! I’m not a humidity girl at all….nope I’d rather have the cold than the humidity! I can remember when we lived in a rental house and the only air conditioner was in our bedroom so I am familiar with the campouts! I also remember eating a lot of popsicles.



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