Think About It

Those who get too big for their britches

will be exposed in the end.


11 thoughts on “Think About It

  1. Rebecca

    Just found your blog and breezed through the most recent posts. I homeschooled our youngest daughter a couple of years… Never have regretted it. You will do great! You are creative, have a good sense of humor and super motivation. And God’s grace will match every challenge you face.

    I passed on the link to Tim Hawkins fun “homeschooling” song to a dear family who are homeschoolers (formerly from our little church). I also checked out a few of his OTHER videos – like “I Don’t Drink Beer” and “Parents are People”–I think my husband will use that in presenting his sermons re. the top 10 challenges Christian parents face.

  2. robelyn

    So – a couple of weeks ago I was in a thrift store grabbing up vintage slips – ONE of them was the cutest little pair of tap pants. The lady at the register grabs them up and says, “these sure are an interesting pair of britches”… ‘cept it was said in a truly interesting Texas twangy – completely redneck – nasally drawl…


    😉 robelyn


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