A Place for Nerds

When a night out on the town includes a frozen coffee and a few hours spent browsing through books, you know you’re a nerd.  Thankfully there’s a place in this world for nerds and apparently it’s in my house.

My children recently received a monetary gift from someone in my family.  Because they are following closely in my pathetic footsteps, they both chose to spend their money on books.  Honestly, I couldn’t be more pleased.

Reading is not only fundamental, but it is the key that opens the door to the rest of a child’s life.  Without books this world would be a dull place to live.  How about that for NERDY?

It gets worse.  School has been out for what?  A whole two or three weeks now?  I’m almost ashamed to say that we’ve gone to the library at least three or four times a week.

If you aren’t using your library, you’re allowing a wonderful free resource to go to waste, especially if you have kids.  Despite the fact that I’ve been on the libraries’ Most Wanted list, I’ve learned that librarians can be quick to forgive.  It helps when you fund a new wing with your overdue fees.

Seriously, libraries usually have summer programs for kids filled with special activities and art projects.  For all of you non-nerds, they sometimes even show movies.  Let’s not forget that they host book clubs and they always provide an air-conditioned space to read.  Free AC is important when it’s a 100 degrees out and you only own two fans.

Even if you have an exceptionally lame library, odds are good that your library is part of a bigger system based on geography.  In all likelihood, your library can order you almost anything you want.

I should become a spokeswoman for libraries nationwide.  Maybe my fondness stems from the fact that FringeMan thinks I look like a librarian.  I don’t know.  At any rate, pack up your kids and head to the library and let them discover a love for books.  You won’t regret it!

I know you’re wondering if this post will ever end, but I want to share a book that FringeKid loves.  She’s tricky.  She claims that she doesn’t like mysteries, but I find that hard to believe since she’s my daughter.  When I was her age, I was nearly a professional spy.  At any rate, no mysteries.  She also won’t read a book that is too thick.  While my son views large books as a challenge, my daughter will not even crack the cover.  She is more of a colorful pictures and witty words type of gal.

So here is her latest book recommendation.

Mercy Watson

These are really fun books full of colorful illustrations.  Your kids will like it.  Maybe you will like it too.

Do you have book recommendations for children?

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19 thoughts on “A Place for Nerds

  1. kvmck

    I love this post. My friends and I so enjoy going to a bookstore and hanging out together. Or the library 🙂 as that is much cheaper… just can’t bring your coffee with you! For some reason it makes me happy to know that there are so many other book lovers out there. I loved the Happy Hollisters but my kids don’t have the same fondness for them as I did, not sure why. Right now they are reading The Elyon series, Boxcar children and the Mandie books.

  2. chriscaff

    I have loved books all my life. Apparantly, even as a little one I took care of them, never wrote in them and cried of my little sister even creased them! I’ve learned how to sew, knit crochet and use my camera all from books. I’ve dived into the world of Terry Pratchet, live the life of Ayla in Clan of the Cave Bear and taken trips into the darker side of life with Val Mc Dermid. Recently I advised my own son, complaining he finds it hard to be by himself (not a reader because of learning difficulties that make him impatient, though he can read) that once in a book you’re not alone. Not nerdy, just one of the delights of life, from my perspective!

  3. robinaltman

    Are the Ramona books too corny? Even my boys loved those. The movie of “Ramona and Beezus” is coming out soon. FringeKid can compare the book and movie and do a critique. In fact – if you are an ambitious FringeFamily – she could be a guest critic on the next Movie Mavens show. Wouldn’t that be fun?

  4. Cathy

    I love the Library. One of my favorite places to go. My girls have always participated in the summer reading program. One because she wanted to and the other because I made her. lol My oldest read the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew books and loved them. I went more for the historical biographies written for kids to read. I remember reading bunches of those when I was a kid. Besides, I don’t think reading is nerdy, I happen to think it’s super cool!! lol

  5. Kelly

    When I was growing up (I’m 53), a book series called “The Happy Hollisters” was big. I received a new book in the series every other week (I think… that was soooo long ago). Anyway, I did look for them in my local library AND THEY WERE THERE! I pulled a couple off the shelves and sat down at the (very small) tables and started reading. It was wonderful to see my Hollister family again! Once your daughter gets to 4th or 5th grade, the Madeleine L’Engle books are wonderful – start with “A Wrinkle in Time”.

  6. Mikki

    What a cute post!! Love it.

    I remember doing book things at the library with my kids during the summer too. They always had fun with those.

  7. Cora

    This is a cute site, and I agree, the local library is the place to be. I didn’t care much for reading as a child, I was a slow reader. But, since I began homeschooling my girls, reading and trips to the library are a must and a pleasant aspect of our homeschooling endevors. My oldest daughter is a speed reading machine, and loves every minute of it! She absorbs literature with delight and a ferocious appetite. She gets it from her father. My youngest is a bit more like me, but with the proper encouragement and ability to choose for herself which books to read, she too enjoys the imaginative adventures she finds in books.

  8. Debra

    My whole family are nerds. Books are always better than the movie. I, too, loved Nancy Drew but my girls just laughed. #1 was totally into Babysitters Club while #2 loved Christian historical fiction. (oxymoron?) I don’t know any of the new stuff for kids except Harry Potter and we ALL read those.
    When I was a kid the library was my second home. My mum was always after me to stop wasting my time reading so much!!!! Can you imagine? 🙂

  9. Sara

    My mom is a retired librarian, so I was raised to be a Nerd with a capital N! My group of friends and I were lovingly referred to as “The Nerd Herd” in high school and we were very proud of it. My boys are becoming nerds, too. It’s a beautiful thing!!

  10. Socialpaws

    Interesting! My two year isn’t yet into the more exciting age group of books but I did love the whole ‘Black Beauty’ (about a horse) series of books when I was a kid!

  11. Mom

    Ahhh, and the tradition lives on! Love libraries and bookstores!!! Books are way better than TV programs and movies.

  12. caprik

    I ADORED the library when I was little, and I am happy to say I passed the gene on to Abby at least. She has read almost E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.
    She especially loved the Dear America series.

    When I was a young reader, I loved Beverly Cleary’s books (especially the Ramona ones), the Mrs. Piggle Wiggle series, the Bedtime for Frances books, From the Mixed-up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler, The Hundred Dresses, and The Little House Books.

    Mousey also would not read big books, she moaned, “there’s too many words!”. That said, she really liked Junie B. Jones and Judy Moody series. She has changed her ways these days. She is rereading the Harry Potter books this summer.

    The Boy gave high praise to the Captain Underpants books. He is an academic.

    Sigh, I love books.

  13. Charming's Mama

    Sounds like my kind of night out.

    My kids are too young to read to themselves, but they love to be read to. Currently my 3 year olds favorite is “The Caboose who Got Loose” and “Big Bad Bruce” both by Bill Peet, and my 9 month old likes “Goodnight Gorilla” by Peggy Rathman. I like it too. What can I say I’m a nerd.

  14. marytoo

    Stuart Little ~ Don’t waste your time on the movie, the book is waaaaaaaay better!!!
    The Narnia books, the Garth Pig books, oh…..this is making my brain tired already. There are tooooo many to list.

    And of course Little House on the Prairie. I am thinking of writing a Little House in the Jungle series, based on my childhood in the Amazon rainforest back before the rainforest was cool. For real.

    If you really need some good children’s book titles, check out a book called “Honey for a Child’s Heart.” For older children and teens the go-to book is “Reading for Life.” (I think that’s the right name????)

  15. Hat Chick

    I LOVE Mercy Pig! (and I could be a Kate DiCamillo stalker if I actually had that much energy). Fringe Girl has great taste in reading. I wish my peeps were more like her. Nerds rule!

  16. Jill

    My kids like the Bloodhound series by Bill Myers. They also like the Boxcar Children Books. I like them both. (The book series, that is. I like my children, too, but there are more than two of them.)


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