Farmer’s Bounty

Here’s my bounty from this weekend’s trip to the Farmer’s Market.  You must understand there’s not much to harvest yet.  Things are still growing in this here part of the world.

The cilantro may look a little wilted, but that’s what 90 degree temperatures do to us Northerners; however, the cilantro was amazing mixed in ground chicken and eaten in tacos.  Now I need to figure out what to do with the rest.

The honey is raw and very local.  One jar is fall honey and one jar is spring honey.  Can you guess which is which?

I also bought rhubarb.  It was a bleeding heart purchase.  The young woman selling it was trying to save her grandparents farm before they died.  How could I not buy rhubarb and some onions?  If I had the money, I would have bought her the farm!  Now what do I do with the rhubarb?  I haven’t a clue!!!

Last, but not least are my Hens and Chickens.  That’s what the little plant is called, because it is very prolific and will have a bunch of little baby plants under the big one in no time at all.  I like them, because they remind me of the old lady that lived down the road from me in Maine.  Once she brought me a whole garden full and in two years time, I had more babies than I could manage.

So that’s my bounty.  I’m all ears if you have rhubarb advice.


11 thoughts on “Farmer’s Bounty

  1. Mom

    Ah, rhubarb is good in pie with strawberries (that was grandpa’s favorite pie), and it is great cut up and simmered and added to strawberry jello!!

    The cilantro looks delicious. I picked tons of fresh basil from the garden tonight and made a pesto sauce and mixed it with bowtie pasta and I added fresh Feta Cheese to it! Mmmm, it was wonderful!

  2. robinaltman

    All of these rhubarb suggestions are making me drool and I just ruined my shirt collar. Thanks a bunch.

    Enjoy your yummies! I got a bunch of yellow plums from a stand today. They were gooood!

  3. Mrs. Edberg

    Strawberry+ruhbarb = excellent. Pie, cobbler, ice cream topping, jelly – anything! Just chop it up, mix with some sugary mix, strawberries, top with crust/biscuts/graham cracker crust and then bake it. Yum.

  4. Laura

    My husband eat ruhbarb raw!! I cannot imagine. I need it mixed with strawberries and tons of sugar, and baked into a cruble. Soo delicious.
    Did you know buying local honey is good for allergies? All the pollen and allergens from your area are actually in the honey and it’s a great way to build up immunities. I’ve been told to eat a teaspoon a day. I’ll have to let you know how it works!

  5. Lynne Finstra

    Nice finds…. I use Cilantro in just about everything, it kinda takes the place of parsley. It’s great in lasagna. The rest you can freeze and take a little out at a time.
    Look up how much rhubarb you need to make strawberry rhubarb pie.
    Your Hens and Chickens do grow fast, I’ve got jades in the back yard and they’ve grow and multiplied so fast that I now have to cut the back. You can stick one leaf or stem in soil and it’ll grow to be a plant! I remember living in Yonkers and had some in the house but back then they were like an exotic plant.

  6. Debra

    Rhubarb pie is the best, although you could just cook it on top of the stove with a little water until mushy and add lots of sugar. It’s good just like that and you could use it over ice cream too. Enjoy! 🙂

  7. Sara

    Strawberry Rhubarb pie is a favorite in Missouri. The rhubarb is very tart so needs to be combined with something sweet. Not a huge fan, to be honest, but you’ll figure out something great.

    I went to our local farmer’s market this weekend and it was fairly sparse as well. Although, I got the best, sweetest tomatoes I have ever eaten in my life!!

  8. Patti

    All I know about rhubarb is that it tastes great when combined with berries in a pie.
    I have NEVER cooked this strange veggie, though it’s not because I’m afraid.
    Just haven’t grown it.

    Let me know, okay?

  9. Mama Belle

    Killed my cilantro this year. A shame because it’s one of my favorites!

    Raw honey from local farmers … love.

    Rhubarb … I’ve never tasted the stuff. I’m pretty sure that’s a Northern thing, like crawfish down here.

    Wish I could get my booty up early enough in the mornings to get to the Farmer’s Market. Saturday’s my sleep-in day, which is very precious to me.


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