For Marriage’s Sake

Today I’m writing about marriage over at Adding Zest to Your Nest.  It’s shocking, I know.  This is my third time writing for them and I’m still scratching my head.  I can sum up each blog post I’ve written in one word, ‘STRESS‘.   I think I was given truth serum as a child, because I feel the burden of honesty.  Walking the talk can be a tough job sometimes.

If you’d like to come visit me today at Adding Zest to Your Nest, click HERE.

FYI – It’s a girls site.  I just felt the need to warn you three men.  You can thank me later.


8 thoughts on “For Marriage’s Sake

  1. Morgan

    Wonderful article – it’s a great reminder because often we (wives) expect *perfection* and get oh-so disappointed when it is not reached by our spouses. Only God provides that *perfect* love.

    (Quick note – coming from a Catholic :), plaster saints are not idols and they are not worshipped despite any misconception…)


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