Do you realize what you’re seeing?

In this photograph I’ve managed to capture the image of a dirty footprint ON MY COUNTER!

Imagine me yelling the last part of that sentence.

My dilemma – Do I wash the child first or the counter first? Or perhaps the floor??

I need a maid!


11 thoughts on “Unclean

  1. robinaltman

    Have you done proper detective work to figure out which kid’s foot it was? In our house, that would be a must, because neither kid ever does anything. It’s always the other one.

  2. David

    Thanks for your comment on my blog about running! I understood your instructions perfectly and performed a few reps of the Shin Splint exercise you described. I appreciate your encouragement and advice!

  3. Sara

    I’ve decided, as I’m looking at chocolate frosting smudges on the living room wall from my 2 year old, that I need a nanny as well as a maid. 🙂

  4. DJ

    Oh no. THE CHILD cleans up. Not you. (Unless it’s your footprint. 🙂
    They clean the counter, the floor, then themselves.
    While your feet are up on the footstool in the den.
    When you inspect, if it’s not clean, they do it again.

  5. David

    My son is now 6′ 1″ and to this day I keep the plastic cups in the lower cabinet. Wipe the cabinets, mop the floor and throw the kids in the pool. And don’t let them come back in the house until you’ve finished your margarita.


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