Yard Sale Snags

I am about to disappoint every single one of you, because you want to hear about how I am spending my $1,000 miracle money.  Unfortunately, I’m making you wait another day.  It’s nothing grand anyway; however, it requires explanation and I’m in a crunch for time.

Besides, I haven’t been yardsaling in FOREVER.  It’s bad when two dollars is too much!  This weekend I broke the bank and spent seventeen.

Wanna see how?

I bought this globe for $3.00.  It’s good for the kids and I love the colors, because life is all about decorating.  Didn’t you know that?

Speaking of decorating…

I moved the furniture around in my living room AGAIN.  I just couldn’t help myself.  One minute I was completely content with placement, but in the next instant, I was overcome with the creative need for change.  I’m blaming FringeBoy since he made a checkerboard at History camp.  Once he brought the checkerboard home, all my furniture needed tweaking to accommodate his creation.

Every day at history camp, they dressed the kids in colonial clothes and then taught them to forge pewter spoons, mix buttermilk paint, and weave baskets.  I was so proud of my little colonist.  FringeBoy looked exactly Paul Revere did at ten years old.  Yes, Paul Revere had a face full of freckles.

Didn’t he?

It’s not important.  What’s important is that I’m killing my plant.  Look at that twig!  The last vestiges of green are clinging to mostly dead branches, and I am determined to aid their survival.  Would you believe that it was once flocked with lovely petite flowers?

I didn’t think so.

FringeKid asked if “Roxanne” (yes, we named the plant) is in shock.  Of course she’s in shock, she was moved into our house and is attempting survival under the death grip of my not-so-green thumb.

Roxanne hasn’t a chance.

So once I situated the table and chairs for checker games, I decided the dog’s leather chair must go into the other room.  I’s just too dark and is weighing down the entire left side of the house.  Trust me.

So I hauled the two bookcases downstairs and brought in the lawn chair that every soul on this earth hates.  I love it.  Many moons ago my grandfather made me the bookcase on the right and I will keep it forever.  The end of forever almost came as I was carrying it down the stairs; however, I am pleased to report we both survived.  I wasn’t so lucky with the other bookcase.  After nearly killing myself, I decided to wait for FringeMan to get home from work and carry it down.

I added more furniture to the room, but the room appears larger without the leather chair.  You’ll have to trust me on that one.

Didn’t this begin as a yard sale post?  It’s amazing how my mind waders.

I bought this little blue jar along with these two bowls.

The three items were $2.

FringeKid also got this super girly princess mirror for her very messy room.  Cost – $2.

This kitchen chair is my favorite find of the day.  FringeMan does not share my affinity for  vinyl jewels, but I adore it and will scour the earth until I find three more.

While looking at this photo, I hope you’re ignoring the unfinished floor.  We’re getting around to that.

Isn’t the chair great?  $2

Two was a good number for me this weekend.

Please stretch your mind for this next find.  You’ll have to imagine that although it’s hotter than a pizza oven outside, one day the snow will return.

So I bought a vintage wool coat for $8.

That’s the end of my story.  Aren’t you glad I was in a crunch for time?

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21 thoughts on “Yard Sale Snags

  1. Sara

    I am so envious of your new coat!! It’s wonderful! I am also a big fan of the globe. In the Methodist denomination, every pastor has a globe in his or her house because John Wesley once solemnly stated, “The world is my parish.” My husband has it tatooed on his arm. Isn’t it so hard to think that it will every actually snow again? And what is it with bookcases? I was trying to move some around today as well!

  2. DJ

    Had a long day, so I came back to your post this evening to enjoy laughter once more.
    Love your finds, kid. You’re my hero.
    {{Big Hugs}}

  3. Mom

    The living room looks great! Tell FringeBoy I will have a game or two of checkers with him when I come up in a couple of weeks. Love the vinyl chair and the Portugese tablecloth. And I love FringeKid’s new mirror! But most of all, I love the coat! I had one like that once when I still had a waist!

  4. Jill

    Love the coat. The living room looks great, and I really like the bookcases on either side of the fireplace. I also named my plants. They are Reamie and Darva. Naming them did not help me remember to water them.

  5. LeAnn

    Hey that looks like the globe I just bought this past week for $1.00, yours was still a great buy though!!

    It all looks fab, lovin the coat!


  6. robelyn

    Have I ever said that I want to spend time with you at your house? Just one day would work. LOLOLOLOL I stole a chair from the side of an abandoned building this past week-end…… ssssshhhhhhhhh….. but I feel you on the whole vinyl thing…

    ;-D LOVE LOVE LOVE the coat and your living room!!!

  7. Debra

    History camp? Sounds wonderful. I love that lawn chair and I don’t care who knows it. You got great deals and that coat is gorgeous!

  8. DJ

    It’s 6:30 am on a Monday morning, my husband is getting out of the shower, and I’m laughing at vinyl chairs, corncob checker decor, and a wool coat.
    How on earth do I explain this to him?
    Oh, well, Happy Monday ~
    ps/I guessed it!
    That yard sale $ is actually a part of your $1,000 plan to take over the interior decorating world….! 🙂

  9. Patti

    How amazing! You have the decorator touch of my Sarah. And I LOVE the wool coat.
    Hey, ANY wood floor beats ANYTHING ELSE. Period.

    Blessings, dear one.


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