Just Like Her Father

This child worries me.  Need I say more?

When she road up to the house, I thought she had the beginnings of a black eye.  Thankfully it’s just glitter.  While I am being thankful, I’m glad those are washable tattoos and a fake snake wrapped around her neck.

She is so not allowed to date any boys with motorcycles.


Today was all high drama with FringeKid.  Her bicycle was stolen.

That’s NY for ya!


11 thoughts on “Just Like Her Father

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  2. LeAnn

    I think God has big plans for her!! I’m so sorry her bicycle was stolen. That really stinks.
    Hey, I almost have your package ready, hopefully I will get it shipped today!


  3. Jill

    I’m so sorry her bike got stolen. But I have say, she looks like someone who can deal with the loss. Her mama will probably find another one at a yard sale soon. : )

  4. debbie york

    Girl, I don’t know what all mischief you got into as a child, but you are so gonna pay for your raisin’!
    I am so sorry her bike got stolen. What she needs is a big strong motorcycle riding boyfriend to get it back for her…you think?
    P.S. I think she is just so darn cute and I love the ‘tude! You, my friend, have done a wonderful job of instilling self confidence into your children that will serve them well in the future!

  5. DJ

    Oh, I’m so sorry that happened to my fave Style Maven!
    What’s a real-fake-boa-constrictor-wearing girl to do without wheels!?
    Hope you were able to report it to someone in authority.
    She can pull it off on foot, though. She’s got the look ~

  6. Patti

    Oh, Fringe Girl, I am SO sorry. What a devastating thing that a child has to learn so young about thievery and covetousness.

    I hate to think of a frown on this face.


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