A wise man will desire no more than what

he may get justly, use soberly,

distribute cheerfully, and leave contentedly.

– Benjamin Franklin


9 thoughts on “

  1. Sara

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! This is a great quote. I have cooking and food on the brain at the moment, and I think it has an interesting application if you think about it in terms of trying to use everything and waste nothing in your kitchen, not to mention cooking for others with joy in your heart. Which in turn becomes a lovely metaphor for life!

  2. patti

    Have your read from BF’s journals? He had AMAZING self-discipline!

    Blessings…and thanks!
    I’m about to teach a fiction track @ a writers conference and needed a little inspy!!

  3. Kelly

    Love the new quote. “Content” is a word that is sometimes misunderstood. Some people see it as a negative, meaning you are “settling” for what your lot is in life. I believe it to be a positive experience – I am content with what God has supplied to me, not because I don’t think He will give me more, but because I know He has numbered the hairs on my head, and knows what I need.
    I also love the new background and pumpkin photo! I’m SO ready for fall!!!


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