Wyoming Here We Come!

We do not come from a family of cattle ranchers.  We are not farmers; however, on Saturday, you would have thought FringeKid was plucked right off a cattle ranch in Wyoming.

Does Wyoming have cattle ranches?

FringeKid didn’t win first place in the roping contest, but she did win a very large photo of herself plastered across the front page of our local paper.

My mom cannot understand how our family makes it into the newspapers so often.

NOT the police blotter!

Just wanted to clarify.

You see, we’ve never done anything truly extraordinary.

Not a one of us.

We simply engage in life.

So here’s my deep philosophical question:

Are you engaged in life, or are you always sitting on the sidelines watching the fun happen without you?

Better drink a cup of coffee before answering. 😉


8 thoughts on “Wyoming Here We Come!

  1. Debra

    So glad you’re not on the police blotter. All this fame will help FringeKid in her burgeoning acting career. I’m not engaged, that’s why I blog. I think. I don’t know. Maybe. This is too hard for me! 😉

  2. Jill

    Hey, if everyone’s engaged, who is sitting on the sidelines, cheering the participants on? : ) Glad you’re not in the police blotter, by the way. That’s so hard to live down.

  3. Julie McGoldrick

    Another great one! Perfect thought to start the day. I’m off with my boys to go ENGAGE! Have a great day.


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