Fall Festival…In My Living Room?

Every Wednesday in September This Blessed Nest is hosting a Fall Festival.  Today I decided to participate, because I love fall.  I am also linking to the 3rd. Annual Fall Nesting Party over at The Inspired Room.  Never thought I would be saying this, but I am almost looking forward to summer leaving.  Yes, me, the person who waited all year for summer is glad to see her leave.

Will I never be happy?

Summer and I are at odds since she tried to kill me this year.  Seriously, it’s been an extremely difficult year for allergies and asthma and I may just do a happy dance when everything is frozen.

Remind me I said that in January.

I still refuse to mention the four letter “S” word.  *S–W*

Ok, back to happy thoughts and all things fall.  I pulled out my fall decorations, consisting of one white pumpkin and a bunch of fake berries.

I go all out, don’t I?

Then I went to the dollar store.  I can see you’re all hanging on the edge of your seats now.  Let me explain.  I stole an idea for making glass holders from someone’s lovely blog, but I CANNOT, for the life of me, remember what blog.  That’s very bad.

If it was your blog, please speak up and I’ll be sure to include a link.  I apologize from the depths of my blackened, thieving soul.

Well, here’s what I did.  I bought 3 glass candle holders and 3 hurricane top things and hot-glued them together.  That’s it!  I plan to fill them with candy corn, candy pumpkins, and candy eyeballs.  Hopefully I can find candy eyeballs, because my fall season will not be complete without them.

Those baby pumpkins also came from the dollar store.  That’s it!  The extent of my decor consists of empty hot-glued glass and a few fake pumpkins.  I’m glad this is only the first day of September.  I still have time to redeem myself with Mums (not mothers Debra ;-)) and a few leaves scattered around.

If you’d like to see last year’s real pumpkins and read about how I ate fall crow, click HERE.

Do you decorate for fall?

Go visit This Blessed Nest and The Inspired Room to check out all the beautiful homes!


20 thoughts on “Fall Festival…In My Living Room?

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  3. Pingback: Fall Festival?In My Living Room? | Buford Corn Maze a Night of Family Fun

  4. this blessed nest

    i think it looks festive!

    and listen here, i have tons of dollar store stuff that i will be using throughout this season!

    i owe you a HUGE apology. i don’t know why my comment never showed up from before. you see i am re-visiting all the links again & i noticed you & one other person’s link isn’t showing my comment. they were both around the same time during an afternoon when i was having a very sssssllllllllloooooowwwww working computer. anyways, again i am so sorry!

    thank you so much for linking up! i have the exact same stuff over here!
    i hope to see you next week as well!

    happy weekend.

  5. Julie McGoldrick

    I love Fall! I’m from Louisiana originally, and we don’t really have too many seasons. It’s hot, or not as hot… haha

    We go all out around here, from my gourd wreath to our pumpkins and leaves. LOVE IT! And I love the hurricane glasses of candies. That’s really cute. Can’t wait to get to decorating. I just bought a candle that is apple cider- scented (from IKEA for .99) and it has me in the mood. However, I have been informed that Fall doesn’t begin until 9/22.

    I’m still decorating today!

  6. edie

    oh….sigh…..it makes me wish i had some fall decor to use. i think i sold it all at one of my yard sales when we moved. i did buy some ‘harvest’ soap. does that count?
    love it all!

  7. Lisa~

    I love fall! I love decorating for it. Kellie’s fall festival is such a great idea. I m looking forward to it all month. Your house is adorable. Lisa~

  8. Shannon

    I saw another blog earlier today with the dollar store vases and candle holders, but have no clue which one. I can’t even go back in my history and look because I cleaned my computer to free-up space. Figures, huh? Anyhoo, I plan on making a couple hurricane glass things and filling with candy corn, too.

  9. Laura

    Ha ha, my ‘mum’ converted you!
    I like your fall decorations, but I’m just not feeling fall yet. It’s been sweltering here that last few days and I’m living in cotton sun dresses and flip flops. Your pumpkins make me cringe a little bit…if it s**ws next week I’m blaming you 😉

  10. Shelle

    LOL – You should come and see how pitiful I am. I made vases, and actually got some filled. Love this post. Great minds – because I have the exact same pumpkins. Aren’t they cute!
    I’m no martha either girl.
    Visiting from The Fall Festival party over at This Blessed Nest.

  11. Jill

    I love decorating for fall! I have almost as many fall decorations as I have Christmas decorations. You’ve inspired me, and I’ll have to get mine out before the week is up.

  12. robelyn


    You are one hot glue burn ahead of me girl… when you get done with your house I have a single-wide for you to decorate!!! I’ll even find some eyeballs for you!!!

    ;-D robelyn


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