Muscle Spams & My Curtain

I have muscle spasms.

Do you ever get those?

I’ve been getting them for about five or six years and there’s no real reason why.  Sometimes they are in my face, like around my eye or in the chin area under my lip.  Sometimes they are in my stomach or legs, but most often, they are in my back.  Back muscles are large and create ginormous pain.

I usually ignore it, but this week the pain is wearing me down.  I am treating myself with the new pretzel M&M’s.  They are better than pain killers.  Much, much better!  I am extremely wimpy when it comes to medicine.  I have a collection of pain killers doctor’s have given me for these spasms and various sinus infections.  I just cannot take them.  I can’t handle a strong cup of coffee.  Do you know what happens when I take a muscle relaxer combined with a pain-killer?


Really, it’s pathetic.  I am one of the few people in this world that have handed a prescription for pain meds back to the doctor and asked for a lesser dosage.  I will only use one when I am near death and then I cut in half.

I am not near death.


Unfortunately my brain is not doing much except thinking about my back, so I have nothing to write about.  Yes, I can write 500 words about nothing.  Poor you.

Anyway, I thought I would show you the curtain I made.  A few weeks back I saw this fabric in Wal-Mart for $1.50 a yard.  I was shocked!  Something so amazing being sold so cheap?  It must be fate, destiny, or just plain good fortune.

Now not everybody loves this fabric, but I think it’s just what my room needed.  We have this odd room between the living-room and kitchen.  I call it our room of doors, because there are 6 doors in the room.  There is also one window, a woodstove, and little room for anything else.  It is the same room shown in the photograph of my kids working at the green table.

This room is dull.  The curtain fixed that problem!

Now I can’t hang a fancy curtain rod, because of the pipe running up the wall.  I don’t want to call it a poop pipe, but I fear that’s the truth.  So, I fell back on my old standby method of curtain hanging – wire and clips.  I know mom, you don’t like it.

The wonderful thing is these curtains are no-sew!  Because they were $1.50, they are 100% polyester.  Polyester burns like dried hay.  I simply lit a tea light candle and ran the unfinished edge through the open flame, being careful not to ignite the entire yard of fabric.  The flame seals the edge and it won’t fray.

Cool, huh?

It’s ok. You can hate these curtains.  You won’t be alone and I won’t be insulted.


7 thoughts on “Muscle Spams & My Curtain

  1. Jenn

    Ginormous is still the word, ay? I’m right there with you with pills. I still pass out from Non-drowsy anything. Painkillers send me puking for hours. I stick with Aleve and live with the rest. Hope you feel better!! Love the curtain.

  2. Laura

    “Yes, I can write 500 words about nothing. Poor you.”
    Ha ha ha. You crack me up!
    And, good to know about polyesther….I had no idea I could go without sewing it.

  3. rebecca d

    Sorry about your back…

    I’m not sure if I “love” your curtains as much as you do, but I do think they are bright and cheerful… And “yea” you for not just putting up mini-blinds in this difficult spot and calling it good…

  4. Debra

    I hate those spasms! The last time I got one I was out shopping and barely made it home. 😦 I do like your new curtain though and I just learned a new trick for hemming. The poop pipe is in a lovely spot. 😉

  5. Amber

    We are so much alike!!!! I also get back spasms and like you I can never take the pain meds. I actually end up flushing them because I don’t want any of my guests to “accidentally” take them. I get so loopy and nauseated. Plus COMA. 😉

    The worst back spasm I had lasted about 3 days and I could barely get out of bed. I thought my back was falling out of my body but apparently it was just a spasm. 0_0

    Oh well at least I lost 3 days of work and got my bills backed up!! yay spasms!!!!!!

  6. debbie york

    Why would I hate them? I think they’re perfect for the area where you hung them. Bright, happy colors…what’s not to love?
    I’m sorry about the spasms. That can’t be fun while bending over school books! Heat…apply heat then cold. If all else fails…time for a massage…but JUST a massage!


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