Mystery Pictures

When I downloaded pictures from my camera the other day, I noticed a whole bunch of mystery images.  It seems FringeBoy got creative with my camera.  Of course he caught me at my best.

First. Thing. In. The. Morning!

(Please ignore all the junk on the counter.  We are ever so slowly renovating the bathroom and the other side of the kitchen.  I am happy to report a small new counter near the sink.)

Now for the good news.  I won a blog giveaway over at tout-est-des-roses.  I get to pick an art collage from Maple Shade Kids, so it’s actually like FringeKid won.  Here’s her pick!

Cute, huh?

I hope you all have a very HAPPY WEEKEND.


14 thoughts on “Mystery Pictures

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  2. debbie york

    Just be thankful it’s you and your coffee…it could be worse…much worse!
    BTW…you have gorgeous hair even early in the morning. May I also say FringeKid has excellent taste in art?

  3. nina in portugal

    Your hair looks fabulous to have just gotten out of bed!

    Hey…I’ve been thinking of you all day today….know why? I’m stripping an old chest of drawers and painting it white for my daughters bedroom…who by the way has NOTHING white in her room. It was here choice of color, so I’ll bet I get to paint all the rest of her furniture white before it’s over with!

    I’ve never done anything like this before….we shall see…..


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