Listing Life – Is today Monday?

I don’t usually make lists.  Ask anyone in my household who expects a complete meal at dinner.  I always forget something.  It all started long ago when I would forget my lunch box.  If it were not for my grandfather bringing my lunch to school everyday, I would have starved to death.  Or maybe I would have just been thinner.  Hmmm…I’m getting less thankful for that lunch with each thought.

The point is (I know you are wondering if there’s a point) I’m making a list today.

1. Sometimes I wish I began my day with a two-mile run instead of a cup of coffee; however, two words come to mind – FAT CHANCE.

2. FringeKid’s stolen bike has been recovered.  My son and his friends did what the local police could not.  They found FringeKid’s discarded bike.  It had been thrown over a chain-link fence and into a ditch.  Frankly I do not expect the police to recover stolen items.  Let’s face it, they have enough to do!  A stolen bicycle is not a high priority, except to a child.  Now my children found the bike and they feel vindicated.  They recovered their personal property, and FringeKid got a new bike from the ordeal.

Case closed.

I come from a long line of fighting theft victims.  Seriously, if you are a their, beware of my family.  I had a great-aunt who mercilessly beat a thief on a city bus once.  There was no way of knowing the sweet old woman had tools in her purse.  He simply picked the wrong woman to rob.

My very old grandfather chased a thief several blocks after catching him breaking into my uncle’s van.  The scallywag dropped the goods as he was running.  My grandfather apologized for not catching him.

Don’t mess with my family!

3. I am homeschooling.  You know that already, but it’s just sinking in for me.  For the next nine years, there is no hope of me having an hour to myself.  What was I thinking?  Call me a sitter please.

4. The next time I decide it’s a good idea to have the kids make an ancient Egyptian art project, beat some sense into me.  I am a mommy, not a mummy!

5. Is there an alternative to frizzy hair?  For me, I mean.  Don’t comment on this if you happen to be a woman with sleek, straight gorgeous hair.  I don’t like you.

Strike my last sentence from the record.

It’s your hair I don’t like.

Strike two.

Ok, I’m just jealous.  I can only handle so many bad hair days in a row.


11 thoughts on “Listing Life – Is today Monday?

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  2. debbie york

    You’ll get no tea and sympathy from me on the hair. You think straight is great? I tend to look a little stringy by the end of the day…hence the Pippi Longstocking look!
    I just have to share a little thief story with you. You would have got along great with my daddy. He came home for lunch one day and found crooks had broke into his house and stole his gun collection. He returned to work, called the police and went back to the house to wait. When he walked it, the “scallywags” (love that word) were back for the ammo. My crazy daddy chased them out the back door (now remember they have the guns AND the bullets) throwing gravel at them! Talk about David and Goliath! Like I said…I just had to share that. You reminded me of the crazy I come from!
    P.S. Hang in there girlie…Christmas break is just around the corner! Um, you do get a Christmas break doncha?

  3. Charming's Mama

    My hair is very fine and used to be stick straight and I cursed it regularly, longing for a little body and lift, then I had kids, and now I have what I longed for, curly locks but am not happy with them either. I can’t win.

  4. Debra

    Glad you found that bike! Mystery solved. Your son may want to be a detective when he grows up. 😉 Moroccan Hair oil works wonders. It is pricey but call me, I have an in. 😉 Maybe FringeMan can teach a class sometimes. I don’t know how those home schooling mamas do it.

  5. Mindy

    So, I use something called Control Freak to straighten, and Dove extra strength hairspray to hold it straight. And if it’s hot and I sweat, none of that stuff matters. My hair laughs in the face of my flat iron on hot days. And that’s the extent of that. Glad the bike is back. ~Mindy

  6. Amber

    yay! a list!! 😉 I’ll respond in list form.

    *don’t worry we can have frizzy hear together!
    *i found a project with a pencil that reads the humidity level for my frizzy hair.
    *or i guess you could look online for the humidity level. but. how fun is that?
    *we’re homeschooling too except I haven’t came out of the craft room for the past two days except to eat and sleep. maybe i should take a shower now. sheesh!
    *oh and scallywag!?!? bahahhahaha.

  7. Jill

    I have frizzy hair. I live in Florida. I will never have un-frizzy hair, no matter what magic solution I use on it.

    Look at the magic of homeschooling. You could, if you wanted to, arrange a sitter for the kids and take a day off all for yourself. You just can’t do it a lot. My kids try to talk me into skipping school almost every day. I only listen sometimes.


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