Where I Write

Where do you write?

Recently there was a meme or maybe just a creativity generator going around blogland entitled Where I Blog.  Women showed photos of plump chairs, the cushion well-worn into the shape of a blogger’s bottom, kitchen tables, modest desks, and if fortune abounds, an office – a bona-fide space for writing, for creativity, for moments of soul spilling.

I write in my head.

Oh sometimes, I’ll grab my laptop at the end of the day and type words, lists barely scraping the surface of my thoughts.  It’s most often all I can manage amid the rush of motherhood, of life, but the real writing goes on in my head.  Those five minutes when I’m standing under the spray of warm water, conditioner working to calm the tangles of snakes in my hair, that’s when I write.

Sometimes I write when I’m walking to the park with my kids.  My head nods in unison with the sentences tripping over each other in my mind, but the kids mistake the nods for encouragement.  They continue their endless chatter.  During the extremely rare occasion of mental activity after bedtime, I’ll write in the moments before my words meet the fictional characters of my subconscious, blending with dreams until I lose control of my story.

This writing I do never actually lives long enough to make it to paper or my keyboard.  I try, but it’s usually just words scratched between boxes of spilled cereal, fifth grade homework, and my husband’s crusade style meetings.  Those hurried words aren’t really writing.

For now, I write in my head.

What about you?


28 thoughts on “Where I Write

  1. Sara

    I’ve been doing this my whole life! I’ve actually developed perennial characters and in-depth story lines. I play them in my head at night as I lay down to sleep. It’s like watching a mini-movie! I’m so glad I’m not the only one who write in their head!

  2. Jennifer Jo

    It’s called Head Blogging. I do it all the time. I start pontificating on great, earth-shaking topics and then—whooooosh!—they disappear, never to be found again. So sad.

  3. Mom

    As a child, you would write on anything you could get your hands on. Things like paper plates, napkins and bits of paper. You have so much twirling around in that mind of yours and you need to get it on paper! What an awesome book(s) those thoughts will make!

  4. See Jamie blog

    I do that, too. Laying in the bed at night, going for a walk, running around the yard with the dog… there is a constant running commentary/conversation/blog post rambling around in my head.

    1. the domestic fringe Post author

      My mind is always running, except when I sit down in front of the computer. Then it shuts off. Go figure!

    1. the domestic fringe Post author

      I do that lots of times too. Actually most times. Unfortunately the stuff I think about never makes it to paper or my blog.

  5. jenn

    I write in my head, too. While I’m in bed falling asleep, driving to the grocery store, cooking dinner … by the time I sit down to blog, it’s 90% written!

  6. patti

    Very cool. I carry pads of paper EVERYWHERE and my phone so I can call myself and leave a sentence or five.

    But mainly I work in my study. The laptop thing just hasn’t worked for me.
    Glad you can move about!!! Makes sense, FRINGE!!! LOL

  7. Jill

    I have a bonafide office in which to write. But it always seems to be overflowing with everyone else’s junk. I also write in my head. I write brilliant, thought-provoking blog posts. I write hilarious fluff. But when I sit at the computer, it’s all gone.

    Suggestion: Get a tape recorder. Get some of that stuff out of your head. : )

    1. the domestic fringe Post author

      Jill, you’ve gotta kick those kids outta your bonafide space! I’m kicking my kids out of the kitchen as I type. 🙂

  8. debbie york

    Hmmm…we all seem to share the same office space. I always intend to carry a little notebook around with me just to jot notes on for later, but invariably I lose it as well as my “Great American” novel ideas!

    1. the domestic fringe Post author

      Debbie, I’m sure one of your “Great American” novel ideas will make it to paper. Can’t wait for when it does!

  9. Debra

    FringeGirl, this is unbelievable but I do the same thing! When I go to write it down later it’s just gone! It’s like when I think it, then it’s done and gone from my mind. My husband says I should carry around a mini recorder. I don’t think it would last too long in the shower though. 🙂

  10. Rae

    Sometimes I write in my sleep. I compose beautiful, whack stories. And often solve real life problems with creative solutions that only my rested mind can come up with. But often it feels like writing.

    1. the domestic fringe Post author

      And do these dreams ever make it to paper? I guess I’ll have to visit your blog to find out, huh? Be there soon!


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