Half Killed, But Thankful

Yesterday I had a doctor’s appointment where the doctor half-killed me, revived me with an arsenal of drugs, fed me a bowl of crackers, and then sent me on my way.  I was ordered to call when I got home to let them know I was ok.  I have to call back Monday to let them know I’m still ok.

It’s never a good sign when the doctor asks you to call and relieve the bad thoughts swirling in his mind.  Once my doctor called and when I answered the phone she said, “Tricia, are you still alive?”

I’m not sure what she would have done if she got my voice mail.

A few weeks ago the pulmonologist suggested that I go see an allergist, because he is out of options for controlling my asthma.  My asthma has been a bad little friend and should be punished for the rest of her life, but she never listens, so I went to the allergist – THE DOCTOR.

I’m quite glad I never ditched him even though the first two visits with my son were rocky.  I have a better understanding of him now and how he operates.  He’s actually quite nice to me and he has helped my son get much better.

After taking 7 viles of blood from me last week and doing a lung test, he scheduled me for allergy testing this Friday.  It didn’t go well.  Let’s just say that I am allergic to everything on earth in an extremely severe way.  After seeing the results of my blood work, he knew it was not going to be smooth sailing through the testing.  When he read me my rights and made me understand that if anything happened, they would do everything possible to reverse my reaction, I knew we were in for a fun day.

Sometimes you’ve just gotta bite the bullet and do the hard thing.  I knew things weren’t going well when he put his face in his hands and said a bad word.

I’m rather proud of myself for being able to walk out of his office yesterday with only minor shakiness.  He pumped me full of enough drugs to kill an ox.

Today is better.  Only a few hives have resurfaced and I’m typing with a pack of frozen hamburger rolls on one arm.  Yes, I use high-tech medical techniques.

Psalm 92:1 says,  “It is a good thing to give thanks unto the Lord.”

I am thankful for a wonderful family, modern medicine, and plenty of sunshine after flooding rains.

What are you thanking God for today?


20 thoughts on “Half Killed, But Thankful

  1. Sara

    Oh wow–what a trip! At least you have found a doctor who is determined to do what it takes to help you move forward to a better place (hopefully not the eternal one just yet!:-)) He’s not written into your life insurance policy at all, is he? Kudos for the hamburger bun ice pack. I’m always pulling bags of frozen food out of the freezer to use in first aid situations!

  2. MissCaron

    Oh, lovely, I’m so sorry for you… BUT, at least now they’ll know what’s really wrong and be able to fix that instead of trying to put a band-aid on a gaping wound! Feel better soon!

  3. mrsmediocrity

    oh my…. i have REALLY bad allergies, but it sounds like you have it much worse, yikes!
    i have been getting shots for more than five years, they do really help. hope you are feeling better soon..

  4. caprik

    Well, I guess I will thank God that you are still with us!!!!
    You poor thing. We do not have allergies around here, so I have no idea how this can affect your life. Hope the shots bring you relief.

    I am also thankful today for Honey. He is shouldering a lot of responsibility these days and I am grateful.

  5. robinaltman

    Poor baby! Allergies stink. I get upset if I sneeze repeatedly, so I’d probably go psychotic with allergies. I think you’re doing the right thing with the allergy shots. You’ll feel better in no time…

  6. Mom

    Glad you are feeling a little better. I am so sorry to have passed the “bad” genes on to you. I know how much you did not want to start allergy shots again, but I am thrilled you decided to restart them.
    I am thankful you were born in an era where we have medicine to help your allergies and asthma.
    Love you lots!!!

  7. Debbie York

    I’m thankful that I got up this morning.
    Girl, is it possible there is something in your new house that is making you ill. Maybe fabrics (the dyes) or something new/old you have brought in? I don’t see how it can be the dog when you’ve had her so long. It’s baffling…and I want you to get all better!

    1. the domestic fringe Post author

      Debbie, it’s not the house. It’s more likely the location. I live in town, but surrounding me are farms full of everything I am allergic to. I had no idea I was so allergic until I had the testing done. According to the tests, I am very, very allergic to the dog. It’s when all the triggers are SO compounded that EVERYTHING bothers me. I need to reduce the amount of allergens in my house as much as possible and then take shots for the outdoor stuff. I’ll be fine. It will just take time to build some immunity.

  8. Sidetracked Artist

    1. I’m thankful that you’re OK.
    2. I’m thankful that my asthma isn’t that bad.
    3. I’m especially thankful that I’ve learned at least some of my triggers so that I can avoid that panicky “I-can’t-breathe” feeling.

    Hope you’re feeling better soon.
    P.S. I’ve found that frozen peas or corn work really well to for swelling.

  9. Debra

    Oh Tricia, what are you going to do? Is it environmental and food allergies? Please don’t say chocolate and peanut butter! 😦 Or M&Ms 😉

    1. the domestic fringe Post author

      If it ever comes to chocolate and peanut butter, I don’t know what I would do. I am to load up on medicine and M&M’s (I’m sure that’s in the instructions) and begin shots as soon as I’m breathing a little better. For now, I will scratch my many hives. 🙂

    1. the domestic fringe Post author

      See Jill, that’s what I’m here for. To make you feel good about yourself. Glad I could make you thankful!

  10. marytoo

    This doesn’t sound good. The only thing I know that’s good for allergies is local honey. I am glad you are ok. Well….ok-ish. But still. ❤

    1. the domestic fringe Post author

      Yes, I’ve heard many good things about local honey and even bought a couple of jars.


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