Rocks in My Head

If toys were supposed to be educational, recess would be much, much longer.  I thought I hated toys when my children were toddlers, but I’ve found a toy that supercedes all the musical, light-up noisemakers meant for two to four year-old.

The world’s worst toy, and I’m not even sure you can call it a toy, is…


When you put your rocks, coarse sand, and water into the tumbler, that contraption must spin for days if not weeks.

Clump – Thump – Bang – Clump – Thump – Bang

It’s all I’ve heard for twelve hours straight!

Listen to this very good advice…NEVER purchase a rock tumbler.  I don’t care if your kid wants to be a geologist.  Don’t do it!

All I know is that a 2 carat diamond better emerge after all this racket.  If not, my son is going in the tumbler.

What’s the worst toy you ever bought your child?


10 thoughts on “Rocks in My Head

  1. izzy

    For me the worst toys are all those battery operated toys. There’s only a single way of playing. Its not educational at all. Meaningless and expensive!

  2. Lee Ann L.

    oh my goodness! I loved the rock tumbler when I was a kid. My folks put it in the front room where the noise wouldn’t disturb most of us. But then, I’m deaf. The noise didn’t bother me one bit. Ha!

    Seriously though, I really loved how the rocks came through so beautiful. And, it shows you what time does to rocks in a river or the like. It was educational for us kids.

  3. robinaltman

    I’ve never even heard of a rock tumbler! I hated Play Doh. The smell made me want to barf. It’s hard to pretend to eat a Play Doh cupcake when you want to barf.

  4. Laura

    hmmm…maybe this explains why I never had a rock tumbler as a child even though I always wanted one….and, why we never played with the ones my friends had…
    thanks for the enlightenment.

  5. Trevor

    My daughter wants a rock tumbler and rock cutting device. We don’t have it yet and if we do get it…it will live in the shop. I Granddad had a tumbler in his garage and after your reminder I do recall it being rather noisy.

    The worst thing I got for the kids was glitter. Now glitter is fun and pretty; however when the 7 year old decides to put it in her hear and on her face, and the 2 year old decided it makes the carpet look pretty…I’ve decided glitter isn’t so pretty!

    I think most of it is out of the carpet which is better then the Lite Brite pieces Debbie mentioned.

  6. robelyn

    The rock tumbler currently resides in all of it’s noisy glory across the cow pasture and inside of a barn. It runs… it thumps… I feel your pain. And just so you know – they still want to see what happens in the end at 16. Start building a tumbler barn now. For your sanity.

    ;-D I’m STILL waiting for the diamond!!!

  7. Amber

    bahhahahahahahaaa. poor you! 😦 the worst toy i bought Sassy was moon sand. that stuff had a weird consistency and was all over the place. it would get ground in the carpet. ah! oh and another one was silly putty. Sassy loves silly putty but she will leave it in strange areas, like my best white rug!!!!!!!!! 😐

  8. robin

    I bought my son an ant farm that had a gel substance instead of sand. Thought it would be a great educational gift! You had to send away for the ants. The ants arrived dead. I phoned the company and they sent some more. Dead again. We then used some local ants, which promptly died and made the gel moldy. Bad idea.

  9. Charming's Mama

    Anything that has more than 2 pieces! Goodness knows my day is filled with picking up blocks or “nuts and bolts” from this toy or that, trying to keep everything together is a nightmare. Not to mentions the crayons and puzzles. The noise makers I can handle, you just have to remove the batteries.

    As a kid I so wanted a rock tumbler, but alas my parents apparently new better. Can you put it on the back porch?


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