Not Cut Out for Film

On a whim, I handed FringeBoy the camera and told him we were going to make a Vlog.  I’m not going to Hollywood anytime soon; I can tell you that!  Please be kind and remember the camera always adds ten pounds.

By the way, my voice sounds like a hoarse child in person too.  People calling my house mix my son and I up all the time.  It’s worse for him than it is me.

There is NO point to this Vlog.  Just wanted to be clear on that.  Also, the videos are sideways, but not quite upside down.  How ridiculous, I know!  They are right side up on my computer, but every time I upload them, sideways.  AHHHHHHHH!!!!

Just another reason to never make a Vlog again.  From the pits of my full stomach, I am sorry about the crick you’re going to get in your neck if watch these videos.

Video 1…a mess-up

Video 2…a bigger mess-up

I better stick to typing.

Enjoy the weekend!


13 thoughts on “Not Cut Out for Film

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  2. Mama Belle

    Well, aren’t you just so cute! Love the green top with the necklace. Very stylish, lady.

    Hope you had a good date!

    And, I had to turn my head sideways to watch this.

  3. patti

    I LOVE this blog and have missed my daily dose of FringeGirl. You have this great knack for laughing at yourself yet revealing some truth.

    Thank you.
    And blessings.

  4. Trevor

    Hey, no need to give up because of a couple technical glitches. Besides you look great on camera. Maybe Fringe Boy can flip the camera 90 degrees to the right and it might look just fine next time.

    Give it a couple more tries and you’ll soon be a pro!

    I trust the evening out was delightful.

  5. Jill

    You’re a very brave person to do a vlog, and it made me laugh that it’s sideways. : ) Happy anniversary, and I hope your date night was great!


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