The End of A Canine Era

We did a tough thing this week.  We gave FringePup away to a nice family.  As per the doctor’s order, we needed to remove the dog from our home.

The kids were sad.

FringeMan was sad.

It was either the dog or me, and don’t doubt for a minute that the rest of my family considered renting me an apartment down the street.  They most certainly did!

I’m still not sure I forgive them.

Finding a home for FringePup was the challenge and it took us a little time.  We wanted her to go to a family with children, and thankfully, we found her a home with six of them.  They are also allowing her to sleep on the furniture and beds, so I’m assuming she’s in dog heaven.  We know that All Dogs Go To Heaven, now don’t we?

I fully expect the rest of her life to be better than the her first two years with us.  After all, I didn’t even allow her into the bedrooms.

I am assuring I’ll get hate comments/email after this next statement, but I’m going to be honest anyway.  I am not sad she’s gone.  I cleaned all the floors after she left, and you know what?  They are still clean.  Every one of them!

Peace has also been restored to our home.  The dog isn’t running around like a wild animal chasing the cats outside.  Kids can come in and out of the house freely without the dog escaping.  The boys aren’t working her into an absolute craze after school. She’s not barking incessantly every time someone steps on the porch.  It’s quiet.  It’s peaceful.

If I’m a bad person for not mourning her, then so be it.

I am sad for my kids though.  I shed a few tears for them, but apparently they are already over the dog loss.  I do hope they would be sad a little longer if I were the one to get moved out.

At any rate, it’s the end of a dog era.




24 thoughts on “The End of A Canine Era

  1. octaviaorca

    what a difference a life without dogs is… i always thought ‘those people’ who didn’t like dogs were so cold hearted… and then… we had to put ours down after a looooong and very expensive sickness. i now think these ‘people’ might be the bright ones. how much do we pay in vet bills even with pet is healthy? can we talk pet food? what about finding the vacuum that can withstand? if you live in urban settings, the poop? i never understood before. don’t get me wrong, i looooved that dog like my first child but the weight that was lifted was outstanding. okay, i still search petfinder nearly daily but not having one is very sweet in it’s own right.

  2. Jill

    I’m glad you found Fringe Pup a home, and I hope it didn’t take the family too long to decide between you and the dog. Perhaps if you drooled occasionally and barked when people stepped on the porch??? : )

  3. caprik

    Breathe freely, no condemnation here.
    Abby’s Katie is sweet, and I will be SO sad for Ab when she passes away, but she is my first and LAST dog. She stinks, and I want new carpeting.

  4. Trevor

    I know the feeling both ways. I’ve seen animals go and was glad they were gone and I’ve seen some go and that made me sad.

    I sure hope it helps your allergies. Getting relief there will be a huge help.

    Enjoy the extra peace and quite though, I can image that will be nicer too.

  5. Cathy

    Kids always seem to get over things quickly and if you had to get rid of him, I’m glad you’re okay with it and enjoying your peaceful house. Glad you got FringePup a puppy loving home! Sounds like he’s got it made in the shade!

  6. Mom

    O will be happy with her new family and a pack of kids to chase around the house. As sad as it was for everyone to say goodbye to her, but in a few weeks all traces of hair and dander will disappear from the house and you all will start to feel better.

  7. Debra

    I know where you’re coming from! When my mum lived with us it was either her dog or me! That thing drove me crazy with all her barking. We gave her away to a good home and even my mum was glad for the peace and quiet.

  8. nina in portugal

    Well….I completely understand. You have my support. I will miss all your crazy stories that involved Fringepup, though.


  9. Amber

    Awww. I am so glad that you found out what was bothering your allergies. Sad for the kids but I am with you 100% in not missing the dog. When I got rid of my other 2 cats it was heavenly freedom. I felt bad for 10 minutes then basked in the heaven that was floors clear of fur-balls, fleas, cats fighting, the constant cat litter box clean up, and big cat food bill. 1 cat > 3 cats. Not equal to or less than but greater than. I can relate!!! Glad you have some peace.

  10. Nichole@40daysof

    I hope you don’t get any mean comments. I am a dog lover, but I realize that not everyone is. Frankly, you did great compared with most of the people I know. You took your time and found the dog a nice home. It’s the ones who suddenly freak out and drop the dog at the pound, like they have no responsibilty for the animal anymore because they just decided and that’s it. (I realize you had a medical issue).

    Here’s hoping for reasonable comments and no nut jobs! 🙂

  11. Joyce

    I needed to stop in here because I’ve seen your blog mentioned a couple of places recently. I don’t know the back story on the dog but we do what we must and there are seasons in life when we’re not cut out to own a rambunctious pup so no judgement here. I’m glad you found the dog a home.

  12. Jenn

    Well, you’ve spent enough time being “blue” with the dog being there (from lack of oxygen), you don’t need to be blue about her departure. Sad for the munchkins, but apparently they are fine with it. Congrats on the possibility of breathing better, maybe JC will too.

  13. Mindy

    I understand the lack of mourning. May your home be filled with fresher air and clean floors for extended amounts of time. And I’m with Robelyn. If you get kicked out, come to Texas. You can sleep on my furniture! ~Mindy

  14. Debbie York

    When you have children it’s also a given pets follow them home and while both are messy as heck…giving your children to a nice home that will let them sleep on the beds is frowned upon….now husbands on the other hand…I’m still researching that one!

  15. David

    I appreciate your honesty. I too enjoyed the time when there were no pets in my house. But I accepted a cat as sort of a “rescue” from an unsuitable environment for her. (After years of being an inside cat, she was going to be forced to live outdoors.) I love her, but she has an annoying habit of meowing incessantly for no apparent reason. If someone happened to want her who would give her a good home with lots of love, I wouldn’t be too sad to let her go. So I know where you’re coming from. I hope FringePup gives her new family lots of joy.

    1. EagleGirl

      To FringeGirl:
      Aww, you got rid of FringePup? =(

      But the description you gave of the new family makes me worry: if she behaved so bad with you, and she had some limits on where she could go, what will she be like without boundaries? Spoiled doggie alert… o.O

      To David:
      Hey, good for you, saving the kitty from going into the outdoors. I won’t let my cat outside, and she used to be a feral cat! The meowing… if she has had enough food, has access to water, and the litter-box is ok, maybe she is asking for some affection? My kitty does that. Some cats are not as aloof as the stereotype. Some really love cuddling!

      1. David

        EagleGirl, you nailed that one for sure! Miss Kitty wants attention and lots of it. As I type this, she’s sitting in my lap purring and pushing her face against my hands, making it a little difficult to type. She’s a sweetheart. I just can’t give her attention every minute I’m home and that’s exactly what she wants.

  16. jenn

    My asthma has definitely ratcheted up since we got two cats. So far, manageable… in future, who knows? I totally understand your decision.

  17. marytoo

    Welll, then… We recently got rid of a dog, and, I confess, I am not real sad he’s gone. I can hang out my laundry now, and it stays on the line until I take it down!

  18. robelyn

    LOL No hate mail from me…
    I don’t have allergies – but I will say that after my three mutts… there will be no more mutts.

    But, if you do get moved out – c’mon to Texas – there are quiet a few of us that would let you move in. LOL

    ;-D robelyn

  19. Mikki

    I can relate.
    I love our pooch, but sometimes I get really tired of looking at and vacuuming up the hair.

    Although his ‘vacuuming’ up of any crumbs out ways that I think. LOL.

    Enjoy the peace


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