Time for A Confession

Notice how confession doesn’t exactly spread like, say, the flu?  Ya, doesn’t go around much, but I decided it was time for some good old-fashioned confessing…good for the soul and all.

For all you list lovers out there, I’ll start the confession ball rolling with a list.  Am I making you happy this morning or what?

1.  I hate candy corn.  Whew!  Glad I got that off my chest.  I just cannot understand all you people who crave those colored kernels.  Since childhood, I’ve detested candy corn.  In fact I filled glass jars with the stuff and used it for decoration around the house.  I’m not even the least bit tempted.  Amazing, I know.  Now if it were chocolate….

2.  I’m thinking about adding a significant amount of fleece to my wardrobe.  Do you think that’s a fashion “no” for fall 2010?  You know how not very concerned I am with being in style.  Really, fleece may become the new black for me.  It’s getting mighty chilly in the mornings.

3.  I had a fight civil disagreement with FringeMan the other day.  Then, one of those blasted marriage posts I wrote came back to bite me in the butt as they say.  I had no one left to be mad at but myself.  I hate when I’m right!

4.  I’m in serious de-cluttering mood.  If I’m not heart pumpingly in love with it, I don’t want it in my house.  Junk stresses me out.  Does that ever happen to you?  The older I get, and I do NOT age quickly, the more I adore clear surfaces.

5.  We have like 546 lightbulbs in our house.  Well, maybe a few less, but just a few.  FringeMan has an obsession with lights and switches.  Seriously.  Nighttime in my house is like pure daylight in most Northern regions.  We had just changed out every lightbulb to those fluorescent energy savers when I read reports and watched some videos on studies showing the dirty voltage produced by fluorescent lightbulbs increases asthma.  We changed every single lightbulb back to the old-fashioned kind that makes our meter spin like a fan.  Talk about wasted energy!

Ok, my soul can’t handle anymore confessions this morning.  It’s your turn!

And don’t tell me you don’t have anything to confess…I know you better than that.


53 thoughts on “Time for A Confession

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  5. Grandma

    Candy corn is okay but I LOVE licorice. Remember when Dr. A’s receptionist would save all the black licorice for us?
    I hate sports!!! I am glad the baseball season is almost over.
    Cottage cheese and potato chips? Maybe I’ll try it. This way I can justify eating the (unhealthy) chips with (healthy) cottage cheese!!!

  6. Mindee@ourfrontdoor

    I’m hoping no one in my family will see this, but . . .

    I am hoping my oldest daughter catches the mono that is spreading through her volleyball team because that will let me cancel a 1200 mile (each way) driving trip we have scheduled next week.

    I am a terrible person.

  7. marytoo

    And about those dim bulbs…

    1. They are expensive.
    2. They are dim.
    3. They are short-lived.
    4. They are toxic.
    5. They cannot be disposed of in the trash like a regular light bulb (They don’t really tell you where/how you can dispose of them…probably gonna get the hazmat involved.).
    6. Nobody likes them.
    7. They are NOT “green.”
    8. And now they cause/aggravate/exacerbate asthma.

    So…whyyyyy are they being inflicted upon us????

    1. the domestic fringe Post author

      I don’t understand it either!

      FringeMan says Diodes (not sure if I spelled that correctly) are good bulbs…last forever, no mercury, no dirty voltage. Down side is they cost more than the bad bulbs we all seem to hate.

      1. marytoo

        My Man always says, if you really want answers, follow the $ trail. So, “somebody” is making a mint off of these things. About those diode bulbs….I have never heard of them, but they sound great. Where do you get them? I would be willing to pay more for them, because I am already being strong-armed into paying more for the ones I hate. Might as well pay more for the ones that work.

  8. caprik

    I don’t like candy corn either, blech.

    I confess my shower looks grosse today. And I don’t like Japanese maples. Which must be heresy or something.

  9. Robbyn

    My dryer broke a few months ago and I have been putting off replacing it because I really don’t want to spend the money, but telling myself I am being “green” and doing the right thing by taking the opportunity to reduce my “carbon footprint”. However, for the millionth time, I was digging through the dirty clothes earlier for my son’s soccer socks because I forgot to wash them in time for them to dry and so he had to wear them dirty, AGAIN. I really miss my dryer!

  10. Cathy

    I like candy corn especially the ones with the chocolate layer on the bottom.

    I confess I should be up sweeping my bedroom floor since my dog is shedding terribly, but I’d rather be here doing this so I guess I’ll just have hairy floors tonight.

  11. karen

    I’m with you. I don’t like candy corn either. Or marshmallow peeps . 😛

    oh and cheap jelly beans. Starburst jelly beans are the only ones for me.

    Chocolate works for me. mmmmmhmmmmm

  12. Laura

    I too hate candy corn.
    I love grape jelly on mashed potatos.
    I stuggle with hating my job because it promotes vanity, feed the ‘fashion machine’, and seems silly and superficial….and loving my job because I’ve helped a woman recovering from chemo draw her eyebrows on and she’s thanking me for “making me feel human again” or because I’ve made a bride glow for her wedding day and look her best in photos she will treasure for years to come.

    1. the domestic fringe Post author

      Uh, grape jelly on mashed potatoes is really weird, but you’re welcomed to weird here.

      Sounds like you help lots of women in your job. God probably picked that job just for you, because you have the skill and personality to help women with their self-esteem and pretty faces. I’m sure the vain women would still be vain if you weren’t working there, so I wouldn’t worry about it.

  13. Christy

    1. I dislike candy corn, but will eat it if peanuts are in the mix with it-odd I know.
    2. I love my dog dearly, but pray for the day a pill in invented to stop all the shedding!!!
    3. I work outside the home and some mornings I am thrilled to drop the kids off at daycare. . . . and some days I still get teary eyed that I am not able to be home with them.
    4. I hate the war that is “working mom” vs. “sahm” – why must it be such a battle between women?
    5. I could eat Milk Duds morning, noon and night. . . and sometimes I do!

    1. the domestic fringe Post author

      That pill would be a great invention! You’d make millions on it. There should be no wars between women, but women tend to be evil. Don’t hate me ladies, it’s true! Disclaimer: No woman that reads my blog is evil. We are very civilized around here.

      1. Jenn

        Unfortunately, you are correct, women can be extremely evil and over the silliest things.

        Confession number 11. I’m happy to come here and hang out with all of you civilized and quite fun women (and any men that also visit).

  14. Heather Lewis

    1. You don’t like candy corn? How is that possible? It’s just sugar. Who doesn’t like sugar? Though the same could be said of Skittles, which make me gag.
    2. Fleece makes me hot. Not in the Heidi Klum sense of the word, either.
    3. Too funny.
    4. We don’t have junk. We move too often. Nomads don’t put things on the backs of their camels that they know are going to hobble them.
    5. Light bulbs and asthma…who knew?

    Now, for a confession of my own:
    I have secretly watched two episodes of Sister Wives and, while I am horrified about the situation and disgusted with the husbandly display of self-absorption, I can’t seem to pull myself away. It’s like a train wreck. You gotta look, right?


  15. Jenn

    1. I am a guacamole fanatic! Love it, with LOTS of garlic!!!
    2. I have 4-5 or more boxes of pictures that I’m slowly scanning into my computer to put on Facebook (yes, Fringey, you are in many).
    3. Had to remove one picture from Facebook because my sis didn’t like it.

    That’s it for now, I’ll be back later, have to go back to work.

      1. Jenn

        I’m back! Why should you be scared?? You have nothing to fear, …maybe…..

        4. I love purses!! Might even be considered a pursaholic!
        5. I own a reciprocating saw and have used it. LOVE THAT THING!
        6. I use the paperbackswap.com website, it’s a cool way to get books and get rid of some.
        7. Crime shows rule….Bones, Criminal Minds, NCIS, just to name a few.
        8. I’m hooked on Chris Tomlin’s new song, “I Will Follow”.
        9. I love falling asleep to the night sounds of crickets, frogs, etc. I have a clock that makes Summertime and Night Woods sounds.
        10. I don’t mind candy corn, but it wouldn’t be the first thing I reached for.

  16. Trevor

    I did a write up on the Lights, I can’t recall if the videos I reference mentioned the asthma but I do recall that a school that got ride of the CFL lights saw an improvement in the kids. CFL Light Bulbs

    I’ll confess that I really dislike finding the girls hair bands everywhere. When I pack the garbage can so tight is doesn’t come out when the truck comes to pick it up. So now I’m left with even more trash to deal with. Why does my boy think I’m the only one that should change his diapers:), but at least I can.

  17. Jill

    Okay, I will give you two confessions for this morning. I used to love candy corn (hello! “candy” in the title!) until I ate an entire bag and made myself sick. Now thinking about them makes me sick. Two, I’m blogging when I should be working. It’s a slow day. Okay, three. I’m freezing. And I’m in Florida. What’s up with that?

  18. Debbie York

    While candy corn (even mixed with peanuts and no, it really doesn’t make it taste like a Payday though goodness knows I tried) is not on my top ten list…Pop Tarts are! There…I’ve said it. Give me a brown sugar cinnamon one over oatmeal any day! I may as well come clean on my other food vices since it is true confessions day.
    1. Liver with onions
    2. Oatmeal (served with butter and a Pop Tart)
    3. Hominy (white or yellow…I love both)
    4. Lima beans (not to be confused with butterbeans which I love just as much)
    5. Cottage cheese with Lay’s potato chips
    6. French fries with cream gravy (I’m a dipping fool)
    and last but not least….
    7. Armour’s (and only Armour’s) vienna sausage
    I feel so much better now!
    Now you know what to fix me when I come to visit!

  19. Lee Ann L.

    I hate to say this; but, those old fashioned lights will be no longer sold soon due to some federal law. So, you better stock up on them while you can. They are getting hard to find down here.

  20. Debra

    You are my kind of gal! I hate candy corn too and cannot understand why anyone does. I am also in serious decluttering mode around here too. Now, those lightbulbs, what a perfect excuse er reason to get rid of the darn things. They are never bright enough for myself or the hubster. 😉
    God bless

    p.s. Which marriage post came back to haunt you, hmmm 😉


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