AKA-Stargazer, a Wanna-be detective, & a Recipe

It’s Friday AGAIN!  Who put so many Fridays in October?  A better question – Why did I ever decide to have a Food Carnival?  We all know I don’t cook well enough to be passing my recipes around like I’m a contestant on the Food Network.  Thank God I froze all those meals or else we’d be eating peanut-butter and jelly too many times this week.

I decided to give you recipes from real cooks, instead of trying to make something up. It’s already Thursday night and all I’ve done is reheat food all week.  Correction:  I did cook one not priorly frozen meal this week, but I’ve already shared that chicken and gravy recipe.  I doubt you want a duplicate.

Anyway, the food needs to wait.  Something happened in the wee hours of the morning and I must talk about it, because I’m a hearty-tack waiting to happen.  It’s all my mother’s husband’s fault!

FringeMan likes to play detective.  I got that out of my system when I was fourteen, but he’s only now realizing his dreams, giving voice to his innermost longings, and imagining himself a detective.  Hence he likes to watch dramatized cop shows.  Not the Law & Order kind, but The First 48 kind.  The actual ‘this really did happen in NY, Chicago, Detroit, or Miami’ type of shows.

I can’t watch these.  I hate to see people shot for no good reason.  I am too sensitive; they give me nightmares.  Unfortunately, last night I watched two such shows.

On Wednesday my mother sent me an email saying that Hailey’s Commet was showering meteors, or it was possibly going to rain stars, or some such astronomical event on Thursday morning.  I try to delete all such emails before my son gets wind of them, but I think she talked to him on the phone and gave him a heads-up.  He’s young.  He’s impressionable.  He likes stars enough to wake-up at 4a.m.

Yes, 4a.m. on the morning after I watched a scary police show.  When he padded, bathrobe clad, into my dark bedroom at 4a.m., I startled.  Before I realized the shadowy figure by my bedside was the four-foot tall boy I birthed, I let out a wail of a scream.  Out of one eye, I watched as my son jumped out of his socks.  Out of the other eye, I saw FringeMan lift at least a foot off the bed, arms and legs flying like a cartoon cat.

I blame my rather loud show of fright on the fact that I didn’t sleep well.  It was FringeMan’s silly shows!

So FringeBoy tells us that he’s going outside to look at the stars.  Ten minutes later I look over to FringeMan and he says with sigh, “He’s still outside.”

FringeMan went out to fetch him from the sidewalk.  I mean how long can a bathrobe clad boy stand on the sidewalk gazing at the sky before a neighbor notices that we’re allowing our children to wander about in the dark?  It was all ridiculous!

FringeBoy was still shaky by ten am.  Seems the socks were still scared off him.  My daughter slept through it all.

That’s another reason I don’t have a recipe of my own for you today.  I am tired.  I’ve been up since 4a.m.

If you ever need an excuse for anything, come see me first.  I come up with the most ridiculous.  It’s a talent of mine.

Here are the recipes…FINALLY!

I’m definitely trying these yummy delights, as soon as I begin cooking again.

FringeKid has been bugging me to try Pumpkin Soup and this recipe has a gigantic twist for the tastebuds.

That’s it.  These two recipes should keep you full for a while.

It's Mercury, the planet. Can't you tell?

Oh, one more thing…I’m making a blanket – blue, lime green & red…Oooohhh Baby!

Happy Weekend!


13 thoughts on “AKA-Stargazer, a Wanna-be detective, & a Recipe

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  2. Pingback: AKA-Stargazer, a Wanna-be detective, & a Recipe | Buford Corn Maze a Night of Family Fun

  3. Cathy

    I hated it when my kids walked in the room in the middle of the night. Mine were warned to stand at the door and call for us. Do not walk up beside the bed. Scares me to death every time, no matter what I’ve watched on TV.

  4. marytoo

    Lucky FringeBoy! I can’t count the number of times I dragged my kids out of bed to see some spectacular celestial astrological phenomenon, only to go outside to a rainy, cloudy, overcast sky. Only one time, in the 20+ years I had kids at home did we actually see something, and that was Halley’s comet, back in 1986 when most of the kids were too young to, uh, appreciate it. Every other time, several times a year, from lunar eclipses to meteor showers to star parties to you-name-it. Unfailingly rained out.

    1. Mom

      Marytoo! I dragged my kids out late at night so that they could witness Haley’s Comet. Till today, I don’t think Fringegirl appreciates it. I had to let her kids share in her experience with the meteor show leftover from 1986!

  5. Sara

    Too funny! So, did FringeBoy actually get to see a meteor shower? It’s funny that he felt safer outside in the dark, deserted neighborhood than in your house!! 🙂 Oh well…something to tell the therapist as an adult, right? 🙂

  6. Jennifer Jo

    Oh, honey. I laughed out loud over the image of your son and husband levitating simultaneously.

    I don’t like shoot ’em up movies, either. Have you ever seen the Monk TV shows? Someone always dies in the beginning, the rest of the show is hilarious and wonderful, but I can never fully enjoy it because of the first scene. Sometimes it stinks to be sensitive.

    Saw a good movie the other night (what? you weren’t asking for movie recommendations? oh. sorry.): Up In The Air. The crying scene in the airport was the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time.

  7. Jill

    My kids know not to be up and moving around the house during the middle of the night because their daddy is usually armed. I think most of them would let their kidneys burst before they would leave their beds during the middle of the night. : )

  8. marytoo

    I feel your pain. I may not be the world’s worst cook, but judging by the constant complaints from my family, I’m definitely a top contender. My kids are all grown up now so now there’s just my Man to feed, but he signed up for this, so he gets what he gets.

    Now awhile back, when all of my kidlets were here for a visit, we played a board game. I cannot remember the name of the game, but I remember that every player had to vote on a way to describe every player, including yourself. For obvious reasons, I voted for myself as “Most likely to be killed by her own cooking.” Much to my astonishment, my family acted really insulted????? And then I got to see how the rest of them described me, and whaddya know, I was voted by every member of my family as “Most likely to be abducted by aliens.” I don’t really know what to think about the whole thing.


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