Split Personality

We are on the cusp of winter.  I am certain, because we had snow flurries yesterday.  My kids act like Snoopy when the first snow falls, dancing around with their open mouths upturned toward the gray sky.

A celebration of winter.

Winter brings inventory time.  I yell to my kids and ask what they need systematically go through my children’s wardrobes in an effort to ensure everyone is properly attired for the cold.  This year we were down two pairs of boots, a pair of foot-y pajamas, and blankets – three to be exact.

It was a bad year for blankets in my household.  The dog dug a hole through my daughter’s quilt.  My son’s quilt was worn threadbare, and my extra blanket went the way of the hole digging dog.  I lost it to allergy prevention.  You see it was a down filled throw blanket that just covered me.  FringeMan runs quite a bit warmer and appreciated that the heavy blanket only covered me.  Since we have no heat upstairs, blankets are a must.  You can freeze your heart cold without enough blankets.

Blanket shopping is where I realized that I have a split personality.  For some this revelation comes at the diagnosis of a doctor, or perhaps while lounging comfortably on a couch and reliving your life in words; however, my moment of clarity came in an aisle of Target.

Let me show you.

I absolutely LOVE this clean, crisp, calm, relaxing look.  It’s just that I imagine myself lounging on that bed and thinking about how I can add a splashy pillow here, or a burst of color there, and before I realize what is happening…

I end up with this.

Is it too ridiculous?

I fell in love with a bed in a bag.  I tried to act mature and choose a more adult-like pattern, but I was shopping with an eight year-old who only encourages my tacky taste.

I think it may be a mistake to shop with a kid who walks around looking like this.

Anyway, do you think my room is too tacky?

FringeMan thinks I tend towards tacky, and I must admit, I’m a little fearful of the Tacky House show ending up on my doorstep.  BUT, the curtains are white, the walls are boring, and the floor is white.  That’s very neutral of me, don’t you think?

Next post will be ‘Our Nightstand Tells All’.  Stay tuned.


15 thoughts on “Split Personality

  1. Jaybird

    I don’t think it is tacky at all…in fact, I like it!!! I would turn the pillows around the other way and separate them a bit so they don’t look like eyeballs!!
    Your room is cheerful and happy looking…a nice change from all the whites and grieges…yuk….that I see on the web!!
    You’re young…enjoy it! When you get old like me….well, you can have a red bed spread and green curtains like me :^)

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  3. Jennifer Jo

    It looks very nice, m’dear. All that’s missing are some overgrown ferns and a couple Benjamin Ficuses and for your tiger/cat clad daughter to permanently crouch in the corner. Bonus: Middle Eastern belly dancers.

  4. Jill

    I knew the first picture could not be yours because you would have to have color. Your are a colorful person–embrace it! And I love the picture of FringeKid. What a character! : )

  5. robinaltman

    I’m a color junky, so I say “no” to tacky! Plus, you’re right! If the walls and furniture are neutral, your pillows and throws and blankets have the right to splash color. If you want to see tacky, come on over to my crazy house…

  6. Sara

    I love it!! My husband hates patterns, so I tend to gravitate toward them whenever possible! On a different note, I cannot tell you how much it warms my heart to see that my kids are not the only ones who have their own definitive fashion sense! Just yesterday my oldest was in shorts, snow-boots, a muscle shirt and a straw hat!!

  7. Mikki

    What a fun post…
    Snow flurries already.. oh my. We haven’t even gotten out of the 80’s yet..

    Love the comforter.. brings some fun into the bedroom.. lol

  8. Laura

    I think it coordinates very well with your room. But, I am biased. Turquoise is my favourite colour and I tend to not be able to easily distinguish between fabulous and tacky. If you did want to tone it down, I would just do a switch-er-oo with your pillow cases. It looks like you have a solid colour underneath, I would just move them to the top.
    Also, I love that pic of your daughter.

  9. Jenn

    I like how it matches your night table. Fringey, it’s you. It’s definitely you. I love FringeKid’s hat!!!! LOVE IT!

  10. the domestic fringe Post author

    Timmy, I’ll have you know that prior to this quilt, there was a solid white blanket on the bed. In fact it’s still under the quilt. My point is that even with solid, BORING, I still needed the Malox. So, there! 😉

  11. Timmy

    Is your room tacky? Change it up and see if you still need the little bottle on the nightstand. I’m quite looking forward to the next blog. I learned alot already.


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